TAG Heuer / tag heuer indy 500 formula 1

Bought a Tag Quartz Indy 500 back in 2008. Since then, it has cost as much in maintenance as the actual watch itself. It is on batter #6 I'm the 9 years I have owned it and barely touch the chronograph unless it's to show someone. After getting one of the battery replacements done at Ben Bridge jewelers (sent to tag) in San Diego while I was stationed out there, the watch comes back and within about 6 months the silver sub-dials had tarnished over because the watch was not properly sealed. I take it to a Jared when I moved to Jacksonville for the military and send it in for an estimate. Tag calls me and tells me it will run approximately 450$ even though they were the ones who damaged it. Then when I receive it back, the chronograph come internally cracked and will not calibrate properly. When I call Tags headquarters, not only would they accept responsibility for any do the damage that has been done to this watch, but they deny ever having it sent to them for service. I'm in the market for a new watch since mine is now in-operable. I would love for this company to give me one good reason to buy another one of their products after this horrendous customer service experience with them.

Mar 25, 2017

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