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Pompano Beach, FL, United States

Sirs, Synapse Group:

For two years I have been trying to cancel all subscriptions I made with your company, a couple of years ago. However, every year I receive charges on my credit card from your company, without previous notice, regarding these magazine subscriptions, even though I have cancelled them over the phone twice. I really don't know how to make them cancelled permanently. I DON'T WANT TO RECEIVE THEM ANYMORE!!!

Last charges over my credit card were:
Feb. 26 - RU Cosmo - $50
Mar. 10 - Time Magazine - $69
Mar. 10 - Pop. Mechanics - $42

After I cancelled all of them (once again), I received the following credits on my card:
Mar. 24 - RU Cosmo - $45.83
Mar. 24 - Pop. Mechanics - $37.80

1) Why there was NO CREDIT FOR TIME magazine that was also cancelled?
2) Why the credit is not the full amount you debit?
3) Why they charged my card again this year, since I cancelled last year?
4) How can I cancel all these magazines FOREVER?
5) Why your automatic system does not allow to clarify when you missed to make a credit, and there is NO WAY to solved?

Thank you for your prompt answer and ACTION!!!

Ricardo Jalube
141 SE 7th AVE
Pompano Beach, Fl, 33060
Cel: [protected]

May 10, 2017

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