Swiss International Airlines / abusive discrimination with body harm

I Mr. Predrag Ljubicic did fly from Montreal Canada to Zurich Switzerland on Jan 09 and 10 2016 starting at 16:55. Flight no wasSLW6RCE.
I'm 6'8" tall and I never before had seen such small leg room in any other airpline I used for last 18 years flying from Canada to Europe and back.
When buying ticket as well as checking out at ticket attendant no one noticed to me that those sats are that small. They are build for up to 5'8" probably tall people.
From very first time I tried to fit in that seat and as soon as my knees had hit the seat in front of me and my back was stuck on my beck part of my seat keeping my b**t about 3-4" above seating surfice I had realised that I could not be able to fit in it.
I called a lady atendant showing her my position and asking if there is any available seat at emergency exit or any other with bigger leg room.
She called her colegue and from very first moment they both asked me to jump first on my b**t in my seat and in that way my knees will come latter and will be stuck in the air and pressed against seat in front of me.
Considering the fact that I'm 320 lbs weight, that was not possible for me to do so without injuring myself very seriously.
It also would be not possible for me to get out of seat even if I could jump on my seat as they required.
For my own safety I refused to do so and from that moment they both become very rude to me, talking with me on supprime manor and black mailing me as if I do not do exactly what they ask me to do I would be kicked out of an airplane.
I tried once again and was stuck same like before. Then one of them was screaming at me asking me to bent my beck forward and she also was pushing my head forward and down untill my forehead hit the top of the seat in front of me.
On the end of that movement she even was pressing harder on my head like she wanted to make sure that my head will stay there.
That was painfull for me, while they both were joyfully laughing at me.
I was suporting my weight with my both arms against arm rests on my seat and because of that I could not do anything to selfdefense myself from her torture.
Other passangers were smiling for first time but when they saw that she was abussing me they all asked them what are they doing to me.
At that point they both leave me alone and run away towards beck on the plaine.
I was left like that for as long as it takes to plane to take off and reaches flying hight.
It was very painfull for me to stay in that position. I hardly and painfully got out of the seat and asked to talk with a Capetan on the board.
One gentleman come to me asking me what is the problem I explained to him my situation and he told me that he is going to talk with captain and will be back to me with possible solution.
After a few minutes he come back as he said and told me that Captain will give me a seat in bussiness class as apologize for my pain and suffering.
Latter on I asked that genleman to give me all names and model of that plane.
Acording by his writing those two extremly rude and abusive ladies attendants were names
C. Walteran and St. Tschanz.
Captain name was J.P. Tappy and name of that nice gentleman was Hannes Kern.
The tipe of the plane was A 330 - 300 and it was 5 years old.
This was a horrible and painfull experience for me. I will never fly with Swiss again. I will not suggest to anyone who I know to ever fly with Swiss.
Swiss is far the worst airline company I ever fly with.
Those Nazi oriented ladies must be retrained and tought of basic human rights and how to deal with humans.

Apr 10, 2016

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