Swiss Airlines / carteles and rude service

Beijing Capital Airport, Beijing, China

My wife, son and I were flying to Barcelona for Christmas
When we arrived to the airport we found there was a discrepancy with the visa for my son.
While handling with the most frustrating issue with the local police at the airport I found the manager of the airline to show no care for our situation

While we were handling the situation and had almost finished the case their manager Wang Xu decided to hold the flight for extra 5 minutes, the flight was shown to be non refundable and he denied to make any consideration of our situation. Travelling wit's a baby in our way to Christmas

Additionally when raising the complaint to their customer service everyone we encountered showed the same It is your fault instead of evaluating our needs

I demanded to speak to a higher manager as the only solution offered was to purchase a new ticket at full fare. No interest or sympathy was shown to a situation the airline had been part of it and had denied any assistance

The worst customer expeirence I have ever encountered and still now nobody from the organization has shown any interest to reply or to investigate to get to the bottom of a rotten customer organization that denies responsibility no matter the circumstances

Dec 22, 2014

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