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Dear Sir,

Please find below my complaint to Swatch Group, India regarding my watch. The complaint was sent to the concerned officer on 5.11.2014. Yesterday I received a reply on phone after my continuous follow up that the complaint was not received by Mr. Joseph. Even if it was received by him, he would not entertain it and I have to pay for the spare part.

This is the working style of such a big company. In India, even a reputed company like Swatch Group does not value its customers.

Shall be grateful if something can be done in this regard.

Warm regards,

Shown below is the Email sent to Mr. Joseph

Shri Joseph
Customer Service Incharge,
Customer Service
Swatch Group India
Saket District Center, New Delhi

Dear Sir,

I bought one Tissot Watch (Retailer no.T0244172101, & date of purchase – 26.1.2013) from Golden Wien, Donauzentrum Top 108, Telephone:2026520, Vienna, Austria. I was residing in Vienna at the time of purchase and left Vienna for New Delhi (India) in mid of June 2013.

2. Immediately after purchase of the watch i.e. within span of 10 days, watch started malfunctioning. I approached above retailer for the problem. He said that it would take around three weeks for the watch to be repaired. After two weeks, he returned the watch saying that there was problem in the battery and the same has been replaced. All this took full February. In May end, the watch started showing again the same problem (despite replacement of battery). I again approached the retailer who again stated that it would take three weeks for repairing. As I had to move on transfer to India by mid of June 2013, I requested him for an early action. He advised me to
approach the main TISSOT servicing branch (Swatch Group Oesterreich GmbH, Customer Service, ARES Tower, Donau City Str.11, 1220, Wien) for speedy action. I deposited the watch with the main servicing branch (reference no.267118 dated 5.6.2013) and requested for an early action. Servicing center returned the watch on 11.6.2013 stating that there was a part broken inside the watch and the same has been replaced. I could not understand this different reason for the same problem.

3. Since then the watch has been functioning properly. But in December last year, the cap of one of the side buttons (lower one) has come out and misplaced. Because of this I think the watch is now no longer water resistant. I tried to find out the service center in Delhi and finally got one at Saket District Center, Saket.

4. I approached your above service center on 28.10.14 at 1400 hrs. and met a lady (sorry, I forgot to ask her name) there. After examination, your service center told me that the crown of the watch is broken as it has been dropped by me and hence I have to pay towards repair charges (Rs.3500/-), although the watch is under warranty. This shocked me as I never have dropped the watch. The watch has been handled twice by the service centres of the Swatch Group India in Vienna. This might be happened there also. On my insisting, that lady told me that she would book my watch and submit my case to her manager incharge (as she was on leave that day) and would inform me in two days if it was accepted by the Manager. She also told me that in case of disagree also, she would take my permission before repairing the watch.

5. Since then I have not received any phone call from your center. Today when I called them (Ph:[protected]), some other lady picked up the phone and showed her inability to help me in this regard and asked me to tell her the name of the lady whom I met on 28.10.2014. This is the efficiency of Swatch Group India. Anyway, she gave me another phone number (Ph:[protected]) of the same centre to solve my problem. On that phone number, I talked with Ms. Ankita who after listening to my problem told me to call after half-an hour. Meanwhile she would talk to the Manager about my problem. What kind of functioning is this where right hand does not know what left hand is doing. Anyway, I got return call from your center and Ms. Ankita told me that Swatch group has agreed to not to charge service charges but for spare part (around Rs.1450/-) I have to pay. I am told that the part is missing so I should pay for that. This is ridiculous. It was not my mistake and I should not be held responsible for the part which has broken itself. If such fragile are the crowns of the side buttons of the watch, why does company use them? Why doesn't company use steel to prepare these crowns?

6. it can be seen from the above that purchasing a Tissot watch has not been a good experience for me (though I was very fond of Tissot watches and was one of my dreams to buy one). Despite all these problems, I have to go with this present watch as I can not throw this out. But if I buy another one in future, I don’t think I will go for Tissot any more.

7. Shall be grateful for your kind cooperation in this regard. Inconvenience caused is regretted.

Warm regards,

(Jitendra Singh Rawat)
Residence: C-54, MEA Housing Complex
Plot No.1, Sector 2, Dwarka,
New Delhi-75. INDIA
Mobile no.[protected]

Dec 30, 2014

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