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SuperShuttle / supershuttle employee misbehavior

1 Sterling, VA, United States

To whom it May Concern,

I am writing concerning the misbehavior of one of Supper Shuttle employees at the LAX airport on July 4, 2017. At around 10:15pm, last night, I approached the attendant at the Supper Shuttle stop near the arrival gate-- 7E, at lower level, to ask if I could purchase 5 tickets for a one-way trip to San Diego. A young African American woman in blue (supper shuttle) uniform was standing at the counter, chatting with a women (also African American). They were laughing and chatting. I waited a minute—not sure if I needed to wait there, or had to go to the office to purchase tickets. She continued chatting, ignoring me. To be sure I was in the right place, I politely stepped closer to the podium and said, “Excuse me, ”

Before I finish my sentence, she snapped at me yelling, “Don't you see I am in the middle of a conversation, Missy?” I was shocked by her rudeness but ignored her; looked at the woman she was talking to and said to her “I am sorry to interrupt you, do you mind if I ask a quick question?” The supper shuttle employee snapped again, “No, I am not going to answer your question.” I got in line behind that customer ignoring her rudeness, again. She mumbled something about me continued to show the woman something on her phone. I noticed that she was not helping a customer, she was having a friendly conversation with that woman and she was sharing a photo or something on her phone. Being pressed by time, I didn't think this woman was going to answer my question any time soon. I told her that she was wearing the supper shuttle uniform, but she acted like a street person. I would make sure to report her. She attacked me with profanity. I have never heard such profanity and foul language in my life. She shouted at me with a ghetto attitude loudly screaming, “ Your mama is a hore, you mother [censor]er. Get out of my face. No service for you, you mother [censor]er. Get the [censor] out of here. I will not let you in the shuttle. No service for you.” She continued poking her long fingernail towards me.

Passengers standing and passing by heard her. I felt embarrassed, shocked and scared. I turned on my telephone camera and told her that I was recording her. She shouted, “I don't give you the permission to record me”, and at the same time started to record me on her telephone-- while covering her face with an iPod/notebook. She then walked away and few minutes later reappeared with a man pointing at me as she was talking to the man. I felt uncomfortable and unsafe—never had such unsafe feeling in public before. I walked back towards gate 7F where I saw an airport police vehicle, flagged him and informed the officer about the incident and the unusual behavior of the supper shuttle employee. The officer (office DeBoise) spoke with the woman. It took a while and I was pressed for time. My team members had hired another shuttle service and we had to leave. The officer informed me that I could press charges against her by going to the police station the next day.

Since I am on a business trip, I am not able to travel back to LA to file charges, but I will on my way back. Meanwhile, I am writing to file my complain against this employee of supper shuttle for insult (poking her finger to my wrist) and abusive language-- causing me fear and unnecessary stress and embarrassment in public, with the supper shuttle customer care office. This woman is liability for your company. In addition, Supper Shuttle loses business because of her rude and vicious manner towards customers. Last night, we paid a few hundred dollars to another company (LA to San Diego), because she did not care about our business and chased us away.

As a professional and executive of a prestigious organization I would like to share my terrible experience with supper shuttle management BEFORE I share the video of the supper shuttle employee cursing a customer, using profanity, in social media. Obviously, once the video goes viral many people who travel to LA or else where may think twice about supper shuttle.

I hope Supper Shuttle realizes that this employee caused the company loss of business from 5 individuals who know hundreds of other people and will share this story with them.

I thank you for reviewing this case and taking appropriate action. Attached is a copy of the video and pictures of the employee poking her finger at me.

Many thanks for your attention to this important matter.


Z Kashanian


Jul 20, 2017

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