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Supershuttle International / death threats & abuse by russian driver

1 las angeles, United States

When my daughter arrived in LA she was collected along with 3 or 4 other people by a foreign man driving the Super shuttle . She describes the man as middle aged about 60ish with an accent possibly Russian or Ukranian. I am sure you will be able to find out who he is because of the booking information.

After this man dropped the other passengers off at their various destinations he said to my daughter when she was on her own on the shuttle bus, and I quote “ YOU BETTER BE NICE TO ME AND NOT DO ANYTHING SILLY OR ELSE I COULD DO THINGS TO YOU & PEOPLE WILL NEVER KNOW”’
My daughter replied “’I BEG YOUR PARDON’’
His reply was ‘’HA HA JUST JOKING”
My daughter was absolutely terrified for the rest of the journey, she did not know what to do, she began to prey as she did not know what was going to happen to her, she said she was shivering and shaking all the way, she nearly got sick.

As she was getting off the shuttle bus she asked this man who would be collecting her the next morning he said to her and I quote ‘’3 OR 4 PEOPLE COULD TURN UP AND ONE COULD TAKE YOU AWAY AND KILL YOU AND NO ONE WOULD EVER FIND YOU”

As she entered the Hostel where she was sating the lady at the desk asked her what was wrong as she looked absolutely terrified, sick, and traumatised, she explained to this lady and she was very sympathetic, but did not do anything about it, which I would have if a young girl had told me the story.

Anyway I am lodging this complaint on the grounds of Intimidation, Threats made to my daughters safety, and if I lived in that country I would take this man to court. I am investigating what can be done legally from Australia and the very least I would expect is for this man to be instantly dismissed from his job, but ofcourse that is not going to stop his unacceptable behaviour, deporting him would also not stop this behaviour, he needs in my opinion to be locked up.

When my daughter was telling me about what happened I felt sick to the stomach and I cannot express enough how concerned I am that this sort of behaviour occurs, as a mother of a young girl who wants to travel the world, it is a very huge concern and I will worry whenever she is travelling from now on.

Could you please investigate this incident and let me know the outcome and this mans name, as I don’t intend to just let things lie. I want something done about this man, and I want an apology and an acknowledgment from the company he works for.

I have attached copies of The STA Travel Service Voucher
And The Booking Overview

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