Super 8 Worldwide / illegal handling of our credit card and driver's license

Monmouth, IL, United States
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Regarding Super 8, Monmouth, IL. Monday Oct 23, 2017: The motel clerk asked for my driver's license and credit card upon check-in. While I was signing paperwork, she quickly xeroxed and scanned my cards (on the same screen/sheet of paper). When my husband and I realized what she had done, we immediately told her we wanted this information removed from the system, but she refused, saying it was a Super 8 "policy". Just "looking" at the 2 forms of ID should have been sufficient. This is an invasion of our privacy and a grave breach of protocol; we did not (and do not) approve. They/you now have our credit card and driver's license information.

We would like this resolved by removing this information from your database.

Super 8 Worldwide

Oct 25, 2017

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