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I made reservations online on January 8, 2017 for that night. Shortly after booking my 9 month old son experienced an asthma attack and we had to quickly change our plans. We called about 20 minutes after booking to cancel our reservation and was met with a very rude, unhelpful front desk associate. My husband called the Wyndham Hotel's 1800# and continued receiving no help what so ever. We kept getting transferred to different people, disconnected and asked 100 questions regarding why we needed to "suddenly" cancel. We obviously in no way felt that we needed to explain to anyone about our sick child and was actually hung up on by one associate who took our call on the 1800#. We did find one person who offered to call the hotel and kept us on the line-when she got back on the phone with us she said that the front desk associate told her that she told us "numerous" times there was nothing she could do, and so the 1800# got us no where. We obviously had pressing issues and left it alone for that night. The next morning first thing my husband called the hotel and asked for the general manager. She knew about the situation as soon as my husband started talking-obviously the front desk associate had told her about the annoying people who kept calling the night before wanting to cancel. She was immediately rude with us and kept saying she couldn't refund us. She said since we had no reference number from the night before we had not actually called the 1800# and accused us of lying. My husband explained the situation with our son and after basically begging, she said "I don't see how your son got sick that quickly but I will refund this once as a curtesy". I am infuriated at the heartlessness of every single person we talked to for help. And even after they refunded us because they were just sick of hearing from us-we we're accused of lying about our sick child and made to feel like criminals. Obviously nobody that works for this company has children or even remotely understands the situation some families are in with children with chronic illnesses-but maybe they should be educated on how to have empathy in these situations. I am so disgusted with my experience I will never stay at a super 8 again, and will make sure everyone I know understands how horrible this company is.

Jan 15, 2017

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