Super 8service / treatment and charges.

I arrived for my stay on Monday informed them that I have a cat and will be staying for a week or two until my new home is ready for move in. I was charged for my pet and had no complaints. I spoke to someone on Thursday extending my stay until at least Saturday also informing that man in writing and in person that I have a cat and was charged again each night a pet fee. When I went in this morning to extend my stay again like I had spoken to them about, I was told rudely by the same man that we were kicked out for having a cat and that they never told us it was OK and that cats were not allowed.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Mason, OH The extent of the lies and rudeness from the staff after multiple conversations regarding my cat and stay there is very unacceptable. I also at this point 4 months pregnant and sick had to pack up my entire room and belongings and relocate for another week stay. I have made multiple attempts to speak to someone regarding my issues I expect to be refunded at least the pet charges that I was charged every night if I am told now I was not allowed to have this pet and was kicked out and inconvenienced. I will reach out to whomever necessary to resolve this issue for I find it very unnacceptable and would not want someone else in my health condition to be put through such treatment at your locations.

Jan 14, 2017

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