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Booked a March Break vacation to St. Maarten with Sunwing from Mar 12-19th and paid $4700 for one adult two kids. The hotel, Sonesta Mayo was rated as a 4* on their site and was verified as such with the booking agent. Upon arrival at the Pearson Int'l, the flight was almost 2 hours late which of course delayed our time upon destination to reach at our hotel after 5pm instead of the original 3pm. The hotel, was a huge disappointment and in fact was a 3 1/2* which I would have never booked if I had known. It was in desperate need of a face lift and the location was horrible. I felt as though I was in a motel that was in close proximity to the airport. Not only was it loud due to being so close to the airport, but it was very rundown. There were leaks in the lobby, the bathroom drains were constantly backup and would overflow and the food was sparse and not good quality. The only thing that made the hotel was the staff that tried their best to work within their limited means. Rest was inevitable due to the loud music coming from the adults bar/disco that was also across the street from the hotel, which was loud enough to be heard for miles. There were hardly any entertainment at the hotel which again made the entire vacation almost boring, if you didn't have money to spend for outside excursions.
To make matters worst, the flight back to Toronto was almost an Hr 1:45mins late and baggage claims was another 1:00hr. So instead of arriving at 8pm as promised, we never left the airport until close to 11pm.
I am so disappointed in the overall package of the vacation and the airline service. The money spent could have been allocated to another company and hotel and I feel cheated and upset that my family had to endure this experience. I would not recommend Sunning vacations to anyone. The money you spend is not worth what you receive in the end, and the long waits and horrible hotel advertised is not acceptable.

Mar 20, 2017

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