Sunwing Travel Groupplaza pelicanos club was our destination... false representation... needed to pay extra to relocate

when booking this vacation, all the pictures online are of the Grand Pelicanos, the hotel we were at was very old, only one buffet, no beach, extremely smelly stuffy room, and the locals working at hotel were extremely loud and if you can imagine that this plaza was so small that everybody wanted to be relocated because it was such a dump. our sunwing rep was exellent and was able to relocate us to Park Royal, eventhough it was better, there was no entertainment what so ever, tiny little beach, we really don't feel like we should have to have paid 200 pesos, 350.00 canadien dollars for hotel and the lost of a day and a half because was suppose to be direct flight to our destination but had to make a stop in Windsor to drop a pilot and also the whole next day for re-locating. we take on average 2 trips a yr for last 10 yrs thru Sunwing and this one was by far the worse represented hotels and holiday ever!!!we do seek re-embursement of 500.00 very upsetting experience no dought and would suggest that you remove this destination from your site

Jan 24, 2017

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