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Hello, my husband and I travelled to Cub, Varadero from December 9-16, 2016 with Sunwing. We noticed a new on-board food service catalogue by Kim Crawford. We are familiar with her products and expertise and decided to order from her menu. We ordered the Noodle bowl and Hearty Oatmeal based on the descriptions and photos. When the cabin staff brought us the two items ordered, we were handed a Campbells Noodle Soup Cup and a Quaker Oatmeal Cup. We paid $3.00 for the Campbells Noodle Soup Cup and $4.00 for the Quaker Oatmeal Cup. Neither of these two items had photos of the actual Campbells soup or Quaker Oatmeal. If we had known we were going to receive these two completely different brand names we would not have ordered them. The staff offered to refund us for the two items, however, these should not have been part of the Kim Crawford catalogue to begin with! This is no different than false advertising. Kim Crawford would not serve Campbells Noodle Soup Cups in her restaurant, nor Quaker Oatmeal Cups and call them her own. These two products should be in a seperate catalogue from hers and offered as on- board food service with the photos of exactly what you are serving so that the customer isn't receiving something completely different than what they ordered. I am suggesting that you are straight forward and upfront with your food menu. This left a bad impression, when otherwise we were happy with Sunwing service and are regular Sunwing customers. It doesnt matter what you are selling, what matters is that the product received is the product ordered.

Sunwing Travel Group

Jan 27, 2017

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