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Recently I booked Varadero Cuba all inclusive vacation from Itravel2000, my vacation date was from 4/ January 2015 --12/ January 2015 which was 8 nights (9 days), check in on 4/Jan check out on 12/Jan shows on Itravel2000 web. When I bookIng.
In Cuba, at two days before I check out of hotel, I asked hotel a front desk about my check out time and shuttle bus's pick up time, they told me check out on 11/Jan, at before 12noon, bus schedule not clear. I repeated questions and I got same answer, I started arguing with a front desk manager about my check out date, the manager explained to me " it was "sunwing" made reservation for 7 nights and they paid 7 nights to us, we can not help u to make changes even you do have all the proofs, talk to sunwing representative at same lobby" said rudely. I checked out there were nobody, I have to wait till next day. At Next day morning, finally sunwing representative showed up, At that time I talked to one of representative and then their manger, they both asked all kinds proof and I the end did not help me, and said " I "need phone call back to Canada to figure it out. $5.60/per minute long distance to call Canada, who gonna pay??? Then I paid $5.60 /hour wifi got in touched my daughter in canada vancouver, she made a few calls to Itravel2000 and sunwing till got resolved by sunwing vancouver manager, the manager said : "pay one extra night, keep all receipts and Hotel reservation letter/itinerary together, when you come back to vancouver I'll take care of it." The entire incident from morning 9am to 3pm afternoon--my one precious vacation day is gone. What waste and nightmare. How could itravel2000 and sunwing counted to and made 7 nights 9 days vacation package???????
I am still waiting for my money back.

Jan 19, 2015

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