Sunwing Airlines / sunwing needs to man up

Brampton, ON, Canada

I am honestly truly angry and frustrated by the lack of customer service Sunwing offers their customers - and not just first time customers, but long time customers who belong to the friends and family group.
I book all my trips threw them, even after hearing about all the bad rap they have been getting lately about the resort in the Bahamas, I still decided to book with them. Why?!?!
Monday February 24, 2014 I was on Sunwings site searching for a vacation for my husband and I to go on in May and the trip to the Melia Las Antillas in Varadero Cuba was posted at $343.10 + $315 tax = $658.10 - great deal.
I booked the trip, got the email confirmation and thought I was set. Until around 4:30pm we get a message from a customer service rep stating that there was a glitch in their system and that the trip I booked would not work.
This to me doesn't make any sense. I call them and after being on hold for 30+ minutes I finally got a live person. She starts to tell me that I have 3 options: 1. Cancel for full refund. 2. Go to Memories Varadero or 3. Pay additional $520 per person to stay at Melia Las Antillas.
None of these options work as this glitch was not my fault and I believe Sunwing should honour their price - as it was their mistake, NOT MINE!!!
Not wanting to deal with this rep. I ask to speak to a manager. She now tells me I belong to the Friends & Family department that she can't do anything but transfer me there (even after I told her I belonged to Friends & Family you think she would have told me right from the beginning she couldn't do anything, but instead she decided to waste another 20 minutes of mine.)
I get transferred to the Friends & Family department and after being on hold for 10 minutes, the rep there tells me the same thing. I then tell her I want to instead stay at the Memories Varadero and she tells me there will be an additional charge of $440 per person. This was not stated from the first rep. Story keeps changing. I ask to speak to a manager. No managers on site until the next day but they transferred me to the Customer Care Department. The girl there totally agreed with me that Sunwing should honour their price as it was their mistake, but again she couldn't do anything about it without a managers approval.
She assured me she would talk to the manager in the morning and call me back with a solution. I just got the call back this morning, and there was no solution. I'm disappointed that each time I asked to speak to a manager there was never anyone available.
They would rather lose customers, then take the loss - it was their mistake to begin with.
Here is a little something I found on Sunwings site;

Q: Why is there a discrepancy between the advertised price and the price shown in Step 4 of the booking process?
A: Occasionally there may be a discrepancy if the shopping or initial pages are being updated. The correct price will display in Step 4 and applied for your payment

I made it past step 4, I got an email confirmation on my total price of $1316.20 being charged to my credit card - so how can they now tell me its not valid????

Needless to say I will no longer book with Sunwing and I will forever tell anyone I encounter about the ordeal this company has caused me.
If you agree that Sunwing should be responsible for their mistake, help make this go viral and please share.


Feb 25, 2014

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