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In July of 2008, we purchased a bedroom set from Sunshine Furniture. When looking at the furniture the Sales Rep assured us that is was all real wood, but when it was delivered and set up we found out that it was not real wood. It is made of compressed wood and some plywood with a painted on like finish that is made to look like stain.

We called the Sales manager of Sunshine Furniture shortly after delivery and he assured us that all furniture was made like that and it should last many years. I feel that Sunshine badly misrepresented the furniture that we purchased and said what they said just so we wouldn't ask them to pick it back up and get a refund.

Now that we have had it for a while, the stain that they used on it is beginning to flake off in chunks on the very end of the legs on a few pieces. We have called Sunshine to get them out here to fix it or preferably, give us a full refund. The customer service lady, Nancy Doede, has given us the run around about why they aren't going to fix it.

We emailed her pictures of the damage. She once gave us the number for a representative that works for the manufacture of the furniture that we purchased.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Tulsa, OKShe had sent him the pictures and when we called him he told us that we need to contact the customer service of Sunshine Furniture that we were not to call him directly. He did insist that for the pictures that the furniture looked like it had been abused.
We called the customer service of Sunshine Furniture and we told her what the sale rep had said to us and we were told that they only have us call them to get the sale rep to get back to Sunshine Furniture. After getting the run around we have called Nancy a number of times and she in turn told us to give her a few days to get things together to see what she can do and she would then call us back.
Finally after 2-3 weeks of waiting for Sunshine to resolve the issue and many calls into the company, Sunshine furniture concluded by saying they will not fix the problem or give us any refund.
Sunshine has refused to honor their warranty, do any repairs, or offer us a refund. We even had professional repair company come out to verify that the problem was due to an issue with the way the finish was put on. We have contacted the Better Business Bureau, the office of the Attorney General consumer protection, and so far Sunshine has done nothing to resolve the issue. I strongly discourage buying anything from Sunshine as this company is not honest, and they don’t stand behind the products they sell.

Sunshine Furniture

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  • Ca
      Jun 21, 2009

    My story is too long and complicated, but they lie and misrepresent their furniture. They say it is real wood or leather wont fade but both statements are lies. Very unhappy as well. I am still waiting 2 1/2 yrs later for my otooman to be delivered, I just gave up.

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  • Be
      Aug 29, 2018

    @carriej12777 Carrie I had similar situation happen to me in 2014. Bought sectional and mattress set. I wanted flex steel and real leather, they said it was both. The lid broke as they were bringing it through door but they did fix that. But my sectional wasn't flex steel, not real leather. I told them I wanted refund, they said they don't give refunds, they sent someone out to fix couch several times, one arm didn't have hardly any stuffing in it, I couldn't believe they stuffed it just stuck stuffing under arm. I had to throw furniture away, it only lasted maybe a year. Mattress bunched in the middle of had to replace it within 6 months. I hope they go out of buisnesss. The large amount I paid them for this cheap crap... should had lasted me for years. Now I can't afford more furniture so I was given a loveseat and that's all I have thanks to their lying and cheating salesrep.

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  • Su
      Sep 27, 2019

    @Becky Lewis Nichols They totally suck. I am going through a very similar situation right now. They have the worst customer service I've ever delt with in my life!!!

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  • Jc
      Oct 09, 2010

    We paid for furniture, Saturday 9/25/2010, delivered 9/28/2010 around noon. Chair had black finger marks from delivery personnel. Couch was damaged (left mechanism) noticed it around 2:00pm. I called and spoke to Cecilia around 5:30pm about it. I got the run around and then went there in person and spoke to Nancy Kay Doede. She said that Diego would contact me and have replacement part sent immediately for repairs since they did not have an exact couch. Diego never contacted me. I called [protected] and spoke to him directly. He said he never heard of me nor did he know my situation. He promised to overnight the part to my apartment complex. It never happened. Today is 10/9/2010, so I talked to warehouse manager who said Diego is off work today and would not be in until Monday and that he would have Diego call me (yeah right!). I keep feeling that I am getting the run around on this deal. The warehouse manager laughed and said that he has never known of a vendor to send a part overnight that it usually takes 2-3 weeks.

    We'll see how this plays out and whether they honor their word, which they have not done so far. We just spent over $900 at Mathis Brothers for furniture for our son's bedroom after dealing with Sunshine's crap. Too bad for them on customer DISservice that they missed the sale.

    I also contacted Channel 2... we'll see what happens. There is always legal action.

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  • Dr
      Nov 17, 2011

    We have the worst experience today on sunshine furniture. We bought iComfort mattress by Serta last Saturday but before we finalized our deal we made sure that they can deliver our order on the times we are available to receive our delivery. The sales agent agreed and assured us that we will get the mattress as agreed. Tuesday, a day before the delivery they called to advise us on the delivery time. Much to our surprise they want to deliver the mattress between 9am-11am. (the original time is after 330pm) so my husband called the delivery man who left the message to us and told him that was not the agreed delivery time and that we are not available to receive it since we are both working. The delivery man then told him that he will need to pay $50 for asking them to deliver on a specific time. We didn't ask them to deliver at a specific time we just want them to deliver on certain hours that we are available to receive our delivery. Anyway, I called sunshine furniture after knowing that fee and insisted on the agreed time and there the second trouble begins. The customer service insisted that we pay $50 to get the times we want (rip off) of course I didn't pay them because they agreed on our request in the first place. I told the customer service that if they can't arrange the on the agreed delivery I will just cancel and refund my order. She then told me that she will call my sales agent and let her call me. 2hrs later our agent called and was sorry for the confusion on their part. She worked hard to get this problem fixed after 5-6 phone she concluded that the mattress will be delivered as the original plan (great!). Wednesday, my husband went home just about 330pm. Waited until 530pm because they said there is 2hr window. Just after 530pm he called sunshine furniture to check where they are at (we were worried that they will charge us extra after 6pm delivery) another trouble kicks in for the 3rd time! They said that they are not delivering the mattress till next day (Thursday) what?!! With frustration and stress we rushed to the store and asked for refund on our +$1500 queen mattress. The lousy manager came to us with undecent approach introduced himself and asked what can I do for you. So then I told him I want a refund because this delivery issue is not conforming and the people are running around us on times. He then replied "that's not gonna happen". Why would he asked the customer what he can do for them if he can't give it to them?? So stupid! He insisted that all sales in their store are final. What?! I am not buying a clearance item and in the first place we don't possess the item yet at the time of complain. But he didn't refund the money back to us he just told us to advise them whenever we are ready for the delivery and they will deliver our order. We are very stressed out at this point. Is there such law for this problem?

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  • Cu
      Mar 07, 2013

    Sunshine is a joke!!! I paid for a sofa monday 3/5/2013 and agreed to pick it up 3/6/2014. so I go to get it and I wait 45 minutes only to be notified i've been sold an item that's not in stock and I should contact the store to see what to do next
    So I called and the salesman said he'd have to call back, when he did I was given two options: take the used showroom sofa at full price or wait until they get more in, so I say "i'll take the used sofa if I can get free delivery or money off" of course the answer was no. well I say well i'll be there to get a refund. well they didn't want to refund the sofa that I never. received then said they'llwould put a check in the mail, of course all hell broke loose I was kicked out the store and said they're calling tpd. paid cash and I wantit back. those people are thieves

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  • Ju
      May 22, 2013

    Please im begging the whole world!!! please dont buy at sunshine furnitures!!! they are thiefs!!! they called me a liar and the manager banned me from the store!!!

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  • Ju
      May 22, 2013

    Please provide as much information as possible...

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  • Js
      Oct 12, 2015

    I have purchased furniture from Sunshine before and had problems and found myself thinking "surely this is an isolated incident" boy was I wrong. I had to to buy furniture for a corporate apartment and they delivered everything except the one cocktail table and the customer service over there has done nothing to help me. They will not return my calls and when I went into the store to face them they couldn't care any less. I asked the lady to her face if she would call me, she would not answer me. I called up there and the girl who answered the phone said that Customer service was on the phone and that I would have to CALL THEM BACK? Really? I'm amazed at how little my loyalty means to them. They can't blame anyone for this one. My original order issue was on delivery. They can't blame some 3rd party delivery team this time. The gentleman who delivered the furniture were GREAT!

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  • Je
      Nov 04, 2015

    Very unprofessional customer service! Rude cause she didn't want to do paperwork over since we bought even more. Wanted to leave it as two separate bills and leave a $50.00 charge that was due back to us. And she's the manager of customer what do you do about that. Nothing because they honestly don't care. Went to pick up half of items and she had marked all items picked up. Unbelievable! Unprofessional!!

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  • Bl
      Jul 12, 2016

    Sunshine furinture is racist and treat there African Americans and Hispanics customers and employees like crap I walked into the store in work clothes and was treated as if I'm poor and I have a black friend who told me the sales manager told an employee that is black that her hair looks like ### crack hair never buy from them again

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  • Re
      Aug 29, 2019

    I really wish I would have read these comments before me and my Fiance' went to this God Forsaken place. My experience is long and way to complicated to explain. Let me just say I will never buy anything, I mean nothing from this company. The customer service is the worst ever, professionalism, they don't even know what that word means. The General Manager is a freaken joke, the women in the finance dept, are just dumb. They lied about the pricing of the furniture, the durability of the furniture, the delivery of furniture was botched. Now I have several rooms full of furniture, that is just sitting there and they refuse to come pick it up. I am working with the finance company to terminate my contract, which they have been nothing short helpful, but Sunshine, I plan to tell everyone I know to never buy or step in your store. As a matter of fact, I am planing to go to Channel 2 news about your company. HUGE FRAUDS.

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