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Travel Advantage Network, part of Sundance Vacations, uses very manipulative and illegal business practices. In my case, they got me to go to their presentation by telling me I would get a free cruise. While there, they used many material misrepresentations to lure me in. I was told studio size units would always be available, I was told they were going to add properties in Europe, I was told there would always be lots of excess inventory, some always in exotic places, I was told off season rates were lower, without being told there isn't much time that is off season. I was told other things as well that have not proven true.

In addition to all of these lies, they informed me, in writing, that I did not have a right of recission. In fact, this is against they law, and they were legally supposed to tell me that I had a three day right of recission.

When I said NO, they would change their story. They did this many times before finally twisting my arm to buy. I did finally buy, and have found out the hard way that much of what they told me is not true.

Finally, I have written to try to communicate with them to cancel and get a refund. They flat out REFUSE to communicate with me in writing, which is another of their schemes to continue their manipulative tactics.

Stay away from Sundance Vacations! They cannot be trusted!!!

May 9, 2014

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