Sun Tan City / tanning

IN, United States

I also have a complaint toward Sun Tan City. I have been a member since they became local and it used to be ran better and much smoother. There is such a large turn over with employees and there fore they never know what they're doing. Very long waiting time to tan and most of the time only one person working behind front desk. The long lines of customers waiting to tan is crazy!!! I see people walking in and turning right back around all the time because of such a long wait time and I've done it too. The computer systems are either froze, slow or not working is always their excuse. They always screw up my account and never have my upgrades right!!! Also, the promotions that they do for anyone to take advantage of (including non sun tan city members) aggravates me because then it makes it even worse to try and tan. Those people aren't going to become sun tan city members just because of that promotion... They can't even keep the members they have now happy

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