Suddenlink Communicationssuddenlink driver in texas

I'm driving behind a Suddenlink work truck around 7:20 am on 5/4/17. I was behind the truck from Conroe, TX-Willis, TX and the driver out of no where slams in his breaks and swerved in the right hand lane to let me pass him and then he rolls his window down, flips me the bird, throws his hands in the air and motions toward my vehicle as if he were going to collide into my vehicle intentionally as if to scare me. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE IN EVERY WAY. Regardless of anything, a driver should never intentionally attempt to collide with another. Much less if they have your company sticker all over. Little did he know that I AM A SUDDENLINK CUSTOMER. I will be calling today and cancelling my service as I will not pay for a service that employs aggressive and dangerous drivers.

May 04, 2017

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