Suddenlink Communications / service charge for my elderly mother.

I have a double whammy with suddenlink. First of, its these new boxes. A piece of junk. I hooked them up and called customer service to help me because our tv would not get one of the three channels that my mother watch. She is on fixed income but yet her only entertainment is television because she has dementia. She is stall charged over 100.00 for those three channels. They need a senior citizen package. But the problem is that I called 3 times to get help with our channel six and had problems with the volume getting adjusted. It was making a sizzling sound. The ladies tried to help me but could not. My local office gave me the 800 number to call if we needed help. When they couldn't, she said she would send a tech out to help. One came and tried to adjust the volume but couldn't and said the channels will soon come in. Next day same thing. Another tech came out. He was there for 4 minutes. Looked at the tv and said nothing could be done about that sizzling sound. That is poor quality for the price we have to pay for cable. Oh yeah, the other kicker is that when I called back, some lady name Carrie (17754) said I was not on my mother's account and said she would not give me any information on her account. I told her I was because two techs had already came out. I told her that she was wrong. She insisted that I was wrong and we went back and forth. I put my mother on the phone for her to give Carrie permission. Now Carrie asked my mother for an access id. Now keep in mind, my mother has dementia. She don't even know my name most of the time so how do Carrie expect her to know an access number? This woman was short of some cards to complete a deck. She said she was putting something in the system to let everyone know NOT to give me information. I asked her what else could my mother give her for id anus she said only the access number. I hung up and got my mother dressed and took her to our local cable company and checked to see if I was on her account. Lo and behold, I was and had been for years. Carrie (17754) owes my mother and I an apology. Now to put the icing on the cake, I got my cable bill and they charged my mother 100.00 for two service calls. I called and spoke to Travis (035729) who must have been Carrie's brother because he was just as rude as she was. He reluctantly gave me his number. I explained to him that I was not told that I would be charged for those men coming out for a matter of minutes. If I was disclosed that upfront, I would have told them to keep their butts at home. They did nothing anyway. I was getting nowhere with him either. I asked to speak to someone above his pay grade. He said his supervisor will call me. Guess what? I am still waiting on that call.

Nov 24, 2016

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