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I previously filed a report for an accounting error and human errors. I requested my accounting documents or the "process" and have been refused. I received a phone call with proof in her hand and she said she would gather my account information and send it to me. (Mail preferred, email fine) that was months ago. I add d unlimited data due to overcharges that were not properly reviewed or mailed. My last two Statements overcharges after I called were not credited either. My monthly account for the first time since 04/2017 now 11/29/2017 has the correct internet and data plan charge will the 12/2017? I PAID ALMOST $800.00 in July 2017. Continuing in August, September, October and November. SUDDENLINK PLEASE SEND MY ACCOUNTING RECORDS FOR 2017. My electric bill, my bank statement, my letters and messages screenshots. The copies are original, my account was offline and Statements changed as you know. PLEASE HELP my money is my money.

Nov 22, 2017

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