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Big Spring, TX, United States
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This week we were late on a payment due for internet service due to being out of town... no big deal we made a couple of payments monday and wednesday over the phone and service was to be reconnected. When I called back to verify when it would be turned back on. The rep stated Im sorry but its been cancelled. due to a debt was just discovered of $380 from 2011 for unreturned equipment. WTH?! First off the equipment was returned due to switching to dish for the TV service. and they had no problem creating an account 3 -4 years ago with no mention of this accusation. We were so pissed we demanded our late fees be refunded since there was no way we would pay a false accusation of $380 owed. The problem here is that how can we prove it, that someone at suddenlink didnt check in the equipment properly. Today I called to complain and have an investigation put on the equipment. side note the account is under my wife's name so the rep this morning stated I was not authorized to discuss this account but I had just spent quite a bit of time earlier in the week talking to reps about this acct restoring the service and they had no problem taking payments but now that I need something looked at I am not authorized ?? That is just not right. My wife is too frustrated to wait and listen to that ridiculous hold advertisement and then speak to someone who is following a script and doesn't care. We are screwed because there arent many choices for internet service in this area. I think we may just decide to not deal with suddenlink with this matter or anything else again. Disappointed...

Aug 05, 2016

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