Stuteville Ford Mercury / Bad Mechanical Service

1 1601 S. Mississippi, Atoka, OK, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 580-889-3115

I have a GMC Truck. My air conditioner has been out for two years. I decided to finally get it fixed. I took it to Stuteville Ford on Friday 07/1/2011 to get the air conditioner fixed. I was told it would cost $234.00 to get it fixed. On the invoice, it lists the items that were replaced and it tested good (AC system check $49.95 ac blowing hot air. Found that ac belt needs to be replaced. Found leak at clutch cycle switch will need to be replaced for ac to work properly. Done RR ac belt RR clutch cycle switch. Added one more can of freon. Tested good.).
When I went to pick it up later that afternoon I was told it was fixed. I drove it from the shop to my house which is only ten minutes away and it did work for that time. I didn't use the truck again until Sunday July 3, 2011.
I proceeded to go from Atoka, OK to Sherman, TX and the air conditioner did not work at all. I proceeded to take the truck back to Ford on July 5, 2011. They later gave me a call and told me that my truck needed a new ac compressor in order for it to work. This was going to cost an additional $800.00. I went to pick up the truck and declared I would pay for the parts that were put in for the air conditioning so far, but I wanted to be refunded the rest and I was told that the air conditioner was working when I drove off the lot. I proceeded to tell the mechanic that I was told it was fixed but he did not fix it and he should have known the ac compressor needed to be replaced since he is suppose to be the expert. I told him I would pay for the parts that he had already replaced with no problem but I wanted the rest of the money refunded. The mechanic proceeded to tell me that we weren't going to be charged for them to look at it again. I told him that it wasn't fixed to begin with. I was told I will not be getting a refund.
The mechanic proceeded to say that he should have kept the truck there at least a day to make sure it was still working. I was told there would not be a refund. I feel that I was ripped off. I was told it was fixed then all of the sudden they want $800.00 more. The labor costs as much as the parts. The customer service was awful.


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