Stubhub / illegal tickets?

United States

I wanted to by tickets for an upcoming Rush concert in Toronto, Canada. According to the offical Rush website (and that of the official ticket retailer) as of this moment, those tickets are not even scheduled for sale yet. However, I checked over at stub hub and guess what?? They are selling tickets for this show! Not just general tickets either... specific sections, rows and seats. Then stating that there are only so many tickets left before being sold out.
This has GOT to be illegal. I KNOW there is no way they could get their hands on tickets before even the offical fan club or ticket retailer has even annouced a date for those tickets to be on sale. They have to know this, and allow it anyway! I did send them an email about it. I sincerely doubt they will contact all the people who have bought tickets to tell them they have been dupd though.

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