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Strayer University Online / financial aid and staff

1 Global Salt Lake, UT, United States Review updated:

I have had problems with the business office and teachers. At the beginning of my Fall 2010 Quarter, I was able to log in to classes, then all of a sudden the website went down. I thought it was a computer issue. So I called tech support right away. Tech support told me that my password has been changed and that the business office locked me out of classes due to financial Aid issues. So I called financial aid, Carol, one of the financial aid advisors, verified that there was a problem and that I have been locked out and I could not log back in until this matter was resolved, so I asked to be transferred to Matt Smith who has dealt with this issue before in the Spring Semester, so Matt said he was working on it and said he would get back in touch with me. I haven't heard from him for a week and a half, so I called back and not until I called him. He said he was still working on the issue, I told him he needed to work on this fast because it was the end of the 3rd week of classes, First he said that not to worry he would make sure that the professors would allow me to make up all work, so he checked on my account and said that I'm not locked out of classes anymore, and sent me to tech support again, so when I finally got up and running again, I e-mailed my professors on the issues I have been having, to find out they would not allow me to make up the work at first until I had Jeffery French e-mail my professors to explain the situation, then they only allowed me to make up some of the work, then deducted points because they were late, which I thought was unfair because the situation was out of my control. Now, I had four weeks of work to make up during mid-term week, to find out I didn't even get full credit anyhow. Then, comes week 6, and I run out of printer ink to print out notes for class, so I call financial aid to find out when funds are to be disbursed, to find out that no one has been working on my account, so they apologize, and said they would have everybody working on getting the funds, and now that the quarter is over I still haven't seen any disbursemnts or refund. I am an accounting student, and for what I experience here is fraud, they are claiming to be non-profit, so they delay some of the students accounts until the end of the quarter so they don't have to claim it to the shareholders, so their profit doesn't show till the following quarter. I can explain better if you were to call me at [protected].

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      19th of Dec, 2011

    I am experiencing something similar with Strayer. I have been a financial aid student with Strayer since 2007. In Sept 2011 I registered for fall classes that began Oct 3.. Registration was successful and I began my classes Oct 3rd. In week 4 of 11 weeks session I received notice from the business office that I have reseached my financial aid limit and that I would be responsible for paying for my classes.($1660.00 each) WAIT, , , , wasn't this something that Strayer should have told me during registration or do they allow people just to come in and take classes without verifying payment? This is not proper way of conducting business. If I would have known this prior to classes I would not have taken the course because I know that I can not afford that amount at this time. I could have applied for a personal loan later in the year to complete my courses. After complaining to the business office, the Campus Director agreed and informed me that I would not be responsible for the class and the balance would be cleared from my account. I am a very thorough person and you cant just tell me something and I not do a follow up of my own. About 2 weeks later I doubled checked my account balance and Strayer was not only still charging me for the class but they were now charging me $1660.00 for 2 drop classes, so you know what I did went back to the campus office to speak with someone. Of course they blamed corporate and said that it was a coporate issue. In the meantime, guess what? I received funds through financial aid and the funds posted to my strayer account leaving me with a credit on my account. Now, I have a refund sitting on my account they will not disburse to me and they are still charging me for drop classes. I went back into the office 2 days later to discuss the refund further and they told me that they refund can not be disbursed until I write a letter to corporate explaining the issue and they advise me to talk about my surgery in the letter so, that the office will be more sympathic because coprorate doesnt like to be told when they are doing wrong. Really? are they serious? This has been going on since Oct 26, needless to say I contacted corporated and they assured me that this would be am issue that will be addressed asap. I have yet to see this issue resolved and winter classes start in 2 weeks. The only reason I stay is because I have 4 classes left to my degree other than that I would have left Strayer University Inc aka Strayer Business School aka University of the unprofessional a long time ago. At this time I am consoleting a lawyer for further advise. If you dont have to dont attend Strayer University they are all about the money and how they can profit from the funds.

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  • Sh
      25th of Feb, 2012

    I do under stand, This is my last class with Strayer and never had any big issues until now
    My financial aide did pay the school but the school did not issue a refund as of yet. It has been two months going into the third month.
    They have not clear my account yet.
    I think its time to contact the corporate office, it is almost time for the next quarter so where is my money and who do they think have to pay it back to the government
    How do I get in touch with the cooperate office

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