StraightTalk / blacklosting customers

FL, United States

In order fro Straighttalk to boost sales they do a number of thing (remember this is a product sold and owned partially by Walmart):
1) So that you cannot add new credit cards (ex: from a new bank or even update the expiration date on a card which is expiring soon-my card comes in same number, new expiration date and new CID # on back) their website is defective. The company calls this a "systems error", but the "error" does not get resolved. When speaking to customer service you will be told your credit card (and I also believe debit cards from others I have spoken to) will be "declined" and you will be told your "did not pay your bill" or there is something "wrong" with your finances. BUT, you will be offered to have your transaction go through if you buy a 3 month/6 month/year plan or auto renewel and they will work on this and you will have your service again. Funny, why would your new credit info not be useable when you wish to buy a plan month to month or a basic 30.00 plan, BUT if you purchase a multiple month plan or okay the auto renewal plan your new credit card can be used? Of course you have to speak to a customer service rep to do this and chances are you will not be understanding what they are say AND they will become condescending if you ask to have them repeat what they have said. Oh, by the way, try to stop the autorenewal and it doesn' are out the money until VISA or MCard deny the charges for you...usually takes about 3 months for VISA to get this resolved...if you use a debit card, contact your bank and have them deny further charges from Straighttalk, but I think this will come with a fee from your bank (check your banks policy, there have been instances of banks having to close a debit card, issue a new's easier with a credit card though as there are usually safety nets for card purchases.) Hmmmmm, something fishy here.
2) On the internet when you go in anywhere from five to the day before your plan expires and try to buy a new plan, there is another "error" that happens. Your expiration date not change to a new expiration date, so when your expiration date comes you have to purchase another span of service...and you will not be refunded. This will be blamed on you (happens intermittently so as to make people have an "accident" buying a new service period. You will not have a refund issued by the "refund specialist" at Straighttalk. I believe "refund specialist" is a hilarious term when it comes to Straighttalk as there is no such thing...refund specialist means a person who makes sure you can't get a refund you are due, lol. BEWARE of this practice of theirs, it is done intermittently and is a way to nickel and dime customers and a fraudulent practice.
3) Since they practice the fraud mentioned in 2, your phone will be turned off during your last service plan day and definately at 12:00 midnight on the day after your plan ends...try renewing your plan then, will be your credit card company is declining you, BUT they will fix things if you wish to okay autorenewal or buy a more expensive and longer plan.
4) The company makes sure they get what they want/not what you have paid for, by outsourcing their customer service to countries where English may be taught, but not understood. I actually was told by customer service when I kept saying I could not understand (and I used to teach ESL and have a good ear for accents and nuances in others' language) to turn up the volume on my phone, lollollol...when I tried to explain the difference in hearing and understanding, the rep certainly did not understand. The outcome is we will upsell you and if you don't buy the upsell, we will make sure you don't have service.
5) Many of the Straighttalk Tracfones (and that is what they are, Tracfone) are defective. There is no refund for lost service time and to return is a hassle...and if the average three months it takes to receive a new phone from them keeps on going, you are still paying your autorenewal plan. Oh, by the way, Walmart does not stand behind any Straighttalk product or service are out the money, lol. Sp, please keep an eye on your credit card statements by checking your purchases through the internet/or if bank card purchases check your accounts daily.
6) Straighttalk preys on poorer people and seniors whom are trying to make it on their Social Security. This company is NOT a company that is offering a legitimate service. PLEASE, if you are looking for a prepay plan look into your local companies or a US based company whom does not outsource. Straighttalk is a scam, it is not a service.

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