Straight Talkpolicy and fine print

StraightTalk is the worst cell phone provider I have ever been with. I just started service with them on 2/27/16. I am half way through my month and I have used up 5gb of data and have been reduced to slower speeds. I called customer service to find a solution to my problem and was given several choices that were obviously not thought up with the paying customer in mind.

Option #1 Cancel my current plan and forfeit the money I just paid and start over.

Option #2 Buy a Mobile Hotspot from them and carry it around with me in my pocket.

Option #3 Just wait till my 30 days is up and then get 10 GB plan and have 2g speeds for two weeks.

This is their policy I was told again and again. Wish I could say that in my industry every time a customer was having an issue with my product or service. Well Mr. Customer our policy is to take advantage of you as much as we can, offer you terrible customer service and if you have a problem our policy is to give you some absolutely ridiculous solutions. Have a good day!!

Unbelievable never again.

Mar 13, 2016

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