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I bought a straight talk phone and time card from wal-mart about a year ago. At first when I got the phone activated I couldnt send picture messages to certain to people. So I called customer service to try to have the issue resolved just to hang up on them 3 hrs later after getting so aggravated because they kept telling that its working!! I mean really... I should know if its working!! And it surely wasnt working.
So, I just let it go. I can live without sending picture messages. I stopped using my phone for a couple months due to money issues and I finally was able to get another time card. Therefore I had to reactivate the phone. Thats fine whatever... I called had everything set up again and I thought everything would work!! Well it didnt. Every time I called someone or anyone called me, I could hear them but they couldnt hear me!! Eventually it led to me having to send them my phone and they were supposed to send me a new one.. One that wasnt defected!! Yea, that was a month ago!!! They sent my phone to someone else and when fed ex tried to get it back the lady started yelling and cussing and throwing a fit so they didnt get the phone back. I had to file a claims and straight talk said they would send another phone and because I had already put time on my phone they was supposed to give me a month free service... I have a #ing months for my new phone and they just keep jerking me around!!! # suckers!!! They owe me that damn phone!!! Its mine!!! And I already spent 45$ on the damn time card alone!!!

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  • St
      22nd of Oct, 2013
    Straight Talk Phone Service - Poor Service-No phone for 24hrs
    Straight Talk
    United States

    I called to refill my minutes on my straight talk phone. I was on the phone for over an hour for what should have been a simple 5 minute transaction. They asked me the same information over SIX times! After being on the phone an hr I was told there was a system error (on their end) and I needed to call back in "24 hrs." I told them I needed my phone today as I am a nurse and didn't understand why I had to call back in 24 hrs. I spoke to Marie who couldn't help me and asked me the same information over & over and over again. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to Annaly, who was very rude and told me to call back in 24 hrs and did nothing to help me...I asked to speak to her superviosr and was transferred to Monica who was extremely rude. I told her I don't understand why I could not get my minutes today. There was no system errors for anyone else calling in why did I have to wait 24 hrs for a system error. I asked to speak to her superior and she became very rude and told me she was the floor supervisor and I could NOT speak to anyone else. I hung up. Now I have no phone for at least 24 hrs and have to call them back tomorrow to see if the problem has been resolved. Not to mention not ONE of them spoke English!! I should be compensated for the 24 hrs without a phone! Totally unacceptable for something that should be a simple transaction. Total incompetence on Straight Talk part.

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  • Rh
      1st of Apr, 2015
    Straight Talk Phone Service - transfer of funds from one phone # to mine
    Straight talk
    United States
    Phone: 208 360 8867

    I went online ordered a refurbished phone (which was free) and a monthly phone plan of $45.00 from Straight Talk. I went online to register my phone, get a phone #, and activate my card for my monthly plan. I mistyped 1 # and the system showed a phone # that I thought was going to be my new #. However because of the mistype my card went to someone else's phone plan. I called the service dept to have them transfer the $45.00 to my phone and was told they did not refund and it was my fault for typing in the wrong #. I tried to contact the person to whom the # belonged to and was able to leave a message asking them to contact me to get my $ from that person. I called Straight Talk back to try again to get the $ transferred to my phone and they still told me no. I later called the # again and the # was no longer in service. So I believe the # was no longer being used but Straight Talk still would not transfer the funds to my new phone. So I basically paid for my free phone with the $45.00 card that I could not use. I had to go into town to Wal Mart and purchase another $45.00 card to use my phone.

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