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I was enticed to try Straight Talk because of it's low cost, month to month, no contract plan. What I didn't realize was that it piggy backs off of other carriers so the service coverage isn't as good. It dropped calls all the time and if I entered a store, forget it! It wouldn't carry a call into a building other than my own home. Weird.
The frustration didn't end there. I called for customer service several times during my two months with Straight Talk and it was about as pleasant as running my fingers over razor blades. Good luck talking to a real person and when you finally do, good luck understanding them (nice people, I'm sure, but just understand that English isn't their first language).
I purchased a $30 phone card from Walmart, not realizing Straight Talk wouldn't allow me to use it with my refirbished Nokia phone I bought from them. It was my mistake but because I had scratched off and exposed the pin, Walmart wouldn't take it back. So I called Straight Talk to have the $30 applied to my regular $45 plan. Talk about a hassle! One hour later I finally was allowed to count it as 20 days instead of the 30 I paid for.
I'm using that 20 days to find a new phone carrier. I wouldn't recommend Staight Talk to anyone.

Apr 01, 2013
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  •   Apr 02, 2013

    Yeah, I haven't heard good things about their coverage either, my friend's calls keep dropping, and surprise, he has Straight Talk... I swear, he would've just been better off Net10 at that rate...

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