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Straight Talk / double charged my debit card

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I forgot that I was on auto refill. I then added money to my account on the day of my service end date. The following day, I noticed that I was charged twice on the same day. I called customer service and I was told that the money they added was from my debit card that I had entered the day before and the money from the auto refill was in reserve. Well, a month later when I needed to add money, low and behold there was nothing in reserve. I had cancelled the auto refill after my mistake the month before so that I wouldn't get charged again. I called customer service and they were trying to tell me that one was a pre authorization and one was an authorization. Wrong!!! I had the bank statement in front of me and nothing we put back into my account. Pre authorizations are usually for a dollar and then the full amount is then taken out. I don't know who they are trying to scam. I have sent them an email with the intentions of forwarding the information on the attorney general. I'm not looking for anything besides my account getting the proper credit.

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  • Mr
      31st of Mar, 2014

    I have been double charged for activation once and signed up for Auto-refill and charged an extra month just took a long time on the phone with Straight Talk to get this resolved. I am sure this is done in hopes that a large percentage of people won't notice the extra charges and Straight Talk gets more money...Fraud!!

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  • Na
      8th of Feb, 2017

    They did it to me, they charged me on February 20, 2017, and then the same charge the next day 21st. I called them and the women who could barley understand English said she said the double charge, but kept me on the phone for an hour saying that she was waiting for her tools. She eventually stopped talking to me but I could hear her in the back breathing and talking to other people. I was on the phone for 2 hours or more waiting for them to fix this. I then disputed second charge with my credit card company and they deactivated my phone, saying that I was flagged for suspicious financial transaction. Since they were not going to give me the month I payed for, I disputed the other charge, telling my credit card company what happend, and there going to be an investigation. There is even an alert on the better business bureau about them offering unlimited data AT&T never agreed too, and customers are getting what they were promised. They are a company of scam artists, and it's better to pay more and go straight to AT&T, then to deal with the scam and people who can't speak English. But anyways, I'm going to post the transaction, and the refund from the second fraudulent charge on the 21st, which they deactivated my service for. The 21 charge was removed as you can see with the minus sign in front of it, but there is still the 20th charge which I payed for, but have no service for. My credit card company is going to remove that one in 3 days. I blacked out my name, but it's all there, and straight talk can kiss my ###.

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  • Ja
      28th of Jun, 2018

    I'm over charged on my debit card once again... Now. One charge for $ 50.59 has turned into 4 charges that total $202.36!
    I will never use my debit card to purchase air time minutes again.
    I called to complain and they tell me my debit card was declined.. Which was not the issue. But - I have 202.36 deducted from my account.
    I want my money back... [censored]!
    Now - I have to go to the bank during my lunch hour and i'm sure i'll be late getting back to work. Hey - straight talk, do you want to pay me.. For that hour of work i'm going to miss this today?!

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  • Ar
      6th of Nov, 2018

    I googled this topic and the first complain about double charging I found was in 2012. Now is the end of 2018 and Straight Talk still has the same "issue".

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