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I purchased several items from RR Autograph auction. All of the items came with COA, s (Certificate of Authenticity). Most of the certificates came from the well known PSA-DNA of California. I find it very unfortunate that the two items that came with Zarelli Space Authentication Certs have many miss-spelled words . What kind of authenticator puts together a certificate with spelling mistakes. Unbelievable ! What ever happened to "Spell Check" ? I thought an authenticator would have an eye for detail.

Steven Zarelli

Jan 16, 2015
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  • Ju
      Mar 17, 2018
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    There are some names in the authentication field that just about everyone will recognize. PSA/DNA, James Spence Authentication, and Global Authenticators. Dealers try to use these names to sell their autographs. If the autograph you are looking at has been authenticated by one of these companies, then "it must be real". Wrong. These companies and others like them have been abusing their privilege for years. All have "D" ratings with the Better Business Bureau for not returning your item, damaging your item, or sending back a different item among other things. Most importantly, they do not know how to authenticate. JSA has been caught on television twice authenticating fake autographs and on numerous occasions have authenticated reprints and stamped signatures (two of the easiest fakes to spot). PSA authenticated a check stating it was genuinely signed by G.A. Laurell (Laurel Tape & Film. Inc, ), but the signature was actually George A. Romero (Director). How did the signature make it through "extensive research and database comparisons" when it wasn't even his name? There is no excuse for a mistake like that, yet they refused to take responsibility. (Thanks to for this information). Some 3rd party authenticators have even been caught taking money from dealers to authenticate their forged autographs, while some are notorious for rejecting authentic autographs obtained by fans.

    Collectors are beginning to realize the waste of money that 3rd party authentication is. That is why Global Authenticators filed bankruptcy. I am sure more are to follow. You do not need to rely on these companies when purchasing an autograph. You only need a little of your own research to determine the authenticity of the signature you want to purchase.

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  • So
      Mar 25, 2018

    A majority of Zarelli Authenticated stuff end up being rejected by PSA (check online complaints), I find it hilarious that Mr Zarelli claims, on his web site, that he Authenticates for PSA and yet PSA rejects many Zarelli Authenticated items.

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