Steve Maddendonddi-m sandal, ecentric-q sneaker,

I have been a long time buyer of steve madden products, especially footwear and my recent experiences with the quality has left me extremely disappointed and regretful of my purchases. I bought the DONDDI-M sandal last month for a vacation and after wearing them ONE time the leather of the strap across the toes has faded in colour and looks terrible. It looks as if i have owned them for years, but the bottom of the shoe still looks new.
A few weeks prior to this purchase i bought the ECENTRIC-Q sneaker in black, which i was in love with. Unfortunately I noticed within a few weeks the leather edge had began to crack and wear away. I was disappointed by this but whats even worse is now the rubber sole of the shoe is completely detaching from the shoe! I think its unacceptable for them to be doing this after less than a few months considering they are mostly worn indoors and not outside of their intended purpose as a fashion sneaker. I can provide pictures of the quality issues mentioned if needed.

Apr 28, 2017

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