State Farmanother individual added to policy/insurance previously cancelled

To whomever it may concern,

I am typing this complaint only because I can not seem to get the StateFarm agents in my area to listen and comprehend. It has came to my attention that another individual (family member ) was put on my insurance. When it was brought to my attention, I first called the agent's office near me. I explained that there was some kind of computer glitch, that apparently my sister car coincidentally was added to my insurance. Not sure how that happened. I talked to two different women, Lisa and then Shevetta. They both are very unprofessional and seem to not know anything that goes on with polices. Shevetta on the other hand is very rude, my first two minutes of talking to her was very discomforting. However, no one at this agent's office seems to not know why my sister's car was added to my insurance. Now it was supposedly been fixed but now, one month later still same problem. I am tired of calling arguing back and forth with these unprofessional ### agents that needs to be replaced. I have been with StateFarm for 4 years. Never really had a problem until November 2017 when it was close to the renewal of my insurance. My insurance cards normally would arrive around the 24th. Once Dec. 1 arrived I knew something was wrong. I called and was told my insurance was cancelled. Ok my response, why was my insurance cancelled. Their response were, "they're doing away with roadside assistance and cancelled your insurance. " So on top of having my sister's car added to mines, without my consent. This is a bigger problem. This agent's office do
not take the blame for anything. On top of being charged for reinstating an insurance that i did not cancel. I feel like i should be reinbursed money. As of today, i finally and sadly ended my insurance and went else where. I have been given the run a round and everything. I am so over this company. I just hope this gets into the right hands. A very pissed and loyal customer for the past four years!!!

Jan 27, 2017

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