Starbucks / very bad customer service


I am writing a complaint on one of the employees at starbucks john wayne airport, her employee # is 329679 amy.

At around 5:25pm I ordered a strawberry lemonade refresher and I told the barista that I would like to use my rewards twice!!! After scanning my app, she said that I still owe money. I questioned her as to why since I used my reward, she said she didn't hear me say it. Which I told her that I mentioned it twice.. And she was very adamant on to how she didn't hear me and gave me a death stare which I returned back so she knows that I can see her giving me a very dirty look. But she didn't even flinch and continue to stare me down!!! And just on a side note, she messed up the order of the person before me and I heard her apologize that she messed up because she's really tired to the other barista. Which probably why she wasn't paying attention when I tried to tell her that I would like to use my reward. She then gave me this long explanation on how it will take forever to correct it and how much of a hassle it is since she has to grab the manager to fix it. This behaviour is unacceptable and i'm very furious on how I was treated. This person should not be allowed to help customers, she's very rude and wouldn't accept her mistakes and continuously pinning her fault to the customer!!! I would have let it go and just pay what I owe if she just apologized in the beginning and admitted her mistake. This person should be disciplined or get fired on how she treats customers. I've never had in my life someone stare me down so bad that it made me so little when it wasn't even my fault in the first place. Please help me ensure that this lady get some discipline or training before she help other customers.

Thank you for listening,
Aby m.

Jun 04, 2018

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