Starbucks / the cashier

District of columbia, US

I asked about the calories of sandwich because the tag is not facing the customer then she answered 450 then I asked how about the other sandwich then she said do you want to buy it or not because I need to assist other customer but the customer is only two including myself. Then I said why you're so mean. Then she said because I don't have time for that. I dont know what she mean. I think as a customer I have the right to ask what I want to buy she raised her voice and arguing with me, I said miss you should know what kind of job you have its more on customer service and you should be nice to all of your customers. Then she said she dont want to deal with me and she asked her other co-worker to deal with me with my order. Hope this kind of attitude of workers will be corrected.


Nov 08, 2016

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