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Starbucks / will not sell item at stated price

1 Killeen, TX, United States Review updated:

i recently went to starbucks and i ordeered 4 shots of expresso, with breve and 2 pumps of sf cin dolce in a grande cup. iwas told that this drink had to be ordered as a latte only because it was a increase of 2.oo$ in cost. yes i am an avid drinker of starbucks coffee and i ordered a drink that i wanted and it was less than the price of the latte. i was told by the employee at killeen tx starbucks that it was like ripping-off starbucks and i can no longer order this drink i could only order it as a latte. i spcifically order 4 shots of expresso, 2 pumps of sf cin dolce and extra breve in a grande cup, this comes to $3.62. the latte in turn comes to $5.47. i have been insulted, and i do not go back to starbucks because i feel embarressed because of being accused of ripping-off starbucks. is this legal for the company to do. i have made 2 complaints to starbucks web site and no response, i have spoken to managers about this situation and the harker heights manager janet was understanding and made the drink that i ordered at the price indicated on the menu with no problem. what can i do

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  • Ti
      15th of Jul, 2009
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    as far as legality goes, a company has the right to charge whatever they feel like. I don't drink lattes, but it sounds like what you're ordering is the same thing as a latte. If that is the case, then you are ripping them off by trying to order something without actually ordering it. It would be like if I ordered a cup of hot water brewed in coffee grounds.

  • Tu
      11th of Aug, 2009
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    I worked for Starbucks and they say that they believe that "yes is the best policy" I truly believe that you are totally and completely correct. they are the ones that are wrong. Starbucks makes us that way. Remember a couple of years ago they had a promotion make your drink your way. That is what you did and they just need to deal with it. Believe me. Starbucks is just fine without the 1.85 extra that that person was going to charge you. They just raised their prices again, this is 2 times in the last 6 months. Even though they lowered the price of talls they raised the prices of grande and venti because that is their number one selling sizes.

  • Al
      13th of Aug, 2009
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    Everybody want something either for free or next to nothing. I work for starbuck, and we have people all the time who come in ask for things like two shots of espresso in a grande of venti cup and then go to the condiment bar and fill up the cup with milk to make bootleg lattes. If the person only wants 4 shots of espresso wtih breve and syrup, why not ask for it in a short or tall cup? The answer is because they really want a grande LATTE.

  • H3
      25th of Sep, 2009
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    I agree, as soon as you ask them to fill it up you are getting a latte.
    Pay up or shutup.

  • Cr
      18th of Oct, 2009
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    That's like going to McDonalds and asking for a small Fry, in a Large container, with extra Fries to fill it up. Would you really expect to be charged for a small? That's ridiculous.

  • Ss
      31st of Oct, 2009
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    I agree with the person complaining. Starbucks recently received a lot of press because they had lowered their prices for some drinks (and raised them for others). Well, I happen to like the 8oz (short) latte, but I will not be getting it from Starbucks anymore. Why? Because they have raised the price of this. It is now only 25c less than a tall latte (in Canada), a drink I will not order because I find anemic due to it having only one shot of espresso. I would rather go to another coffee house where the tall drinks have TWO shots of espresso for what Starbucks charges for their single shot.

  • Od
      16th of Dec, 2013
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    I am from Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. We have a starbucks that is right next door to a chapters book store. I am in there quite often. The staff is excellent. The coffee is great. I always buy pod from starbucks for my keurig machine. This location is like a gathering of friends and people who gather and meet there. I have never had a bad coffee there. The service is excellent and the place is always packed. I do not have a bad thing to say about Starbucks

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