Starbucksjust black coffee!

I just came from ordering a tall coffee with cream on the side and was given everything in it so I went back in line to let them know the lady at the window was not very nice and said so what do you want me to change it I said when I left I notice that the cup was half full so I went back in line and told the person that I wanted my coffee filled all the way she said we left room for cream I did not asked so she grabbed my cup and filled it and I asked her did you put in the same coffee and she said yes what ever you ordered I asked what it was and she said she did not know so by now I am upset and asked to speak to the manager she apologized and said she will repay my drink tomorrow and the lady behind her is just feed up and scratching her head I told the manager that I have noticed in many occasions that I get a different treatment if I only order regular black coffee and not one of your specialty drinks needless I am very disappointed and did not get to enjoy my just black coffee

Starbucks #6580
10925 atlantic ave
Lynwood ca

Jan 18, 2017

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