Starbucks / Hateful Managementvery unethical behavior

Review updated:

The starbucks store in atlanta, ga (buckhead) piedmont rd. Has a awful manager. She smiles in your face but lies about why she does stuff. For example, there are only two plugs outside the store so when the store is full some people will go outside and plug in, but now they cannot.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Atlanta, GAShe has currently placed covers over the plugs because she claims a person was sitting in their car using an extension cord to charge their laptop so she had the only two plugs outside covered. She also chain up the chairs at night to keep customers from sitting outside at night to use the internet. But now she has put the chairs in the store at night so no one can sit outside and use the internet. This manager is doing to much. She claims its for the safety of the store but that is a lie. She is a racist and she discriminate against certain people. And the district manager is allowing this to happen. She is a puppet.

May 04, 2017

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