Starbucksfailure to give me what I order and pay for

I have been going to your new store in ferguson since it has opened and is closer than the other 2 I frequent. For the past 2 months they have been messing up my order. I order 4 shots in my hot drinks but constantly are not putting them in there. On 2 separate occasions I simply got steamed milk, that wasn't even steamed right, btw. When I complained about it to the manager he told me to come in and fix my drink issue. But there was no way I got just milk. I drink coffee everyday I think I know the difference between milk and espresso... Not to mention that I have been a barista for 5 years and am currently a chef and have been for 17 years so to say I don't know is very insulting to me. I even for 2 straight weeks have gone to different starbucks locations to see if I was simply crazy as my intelligence is questionable to ya'll to see if there was a difference. Yes there was...See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Ferguson, KY My espresso drink taste like more than just flavored milk. For at least 2 months at $8 a drink ya'll have been basically stealing from me, oh plus the dollar I tip every time. Today I went back to the ferguson one ordered my drink, pay my 8 bucks get halfway home and see I have black coffee. So I turned around go back and ask if I can get my 8 dollar drink and not a black coffee that cost 2. Hella attitude from the girls working and continuous laughing because they thought it was funny. There was maybe 2 customers inside and no one in the drive thru so out of simple laziness and lack of care or respect for not only your company but me as well they are not serving people what they order. What is wrong with this store, it's employees and management. You have ruined way too many of my days for me to ever return and left me uncaffinated while paying for it for the last time. I know I probably won't hear back and that no one in your company really cares.

Jan 12, 2017

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