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Upon reviewing by bank statement online, I discovered 6 current and 2 pending withdrawals by Starbucks for the SAME transaction, a Double Latte and Lemon Pound Cake. I called the bank Saturday, and lo and behold they already had a statement from Starbucks noting the problem and ensuring me the funds should have been returned by Friday.

So what did I get? ONE refund of the $4.65, leaving only about $30 due to me. I was informed that this problem occured in Starbuck's computer system and could affect anyone using a Debit/Credit card at their stores.

Apparently, if you do not check, you will not get fully re-imbursed, meaning Starbuck's pockets the rest. Nice 'accident', sounds like wire fraud to me. Customer service said they would forward my info to whatever computer department created this mess, but asked no summary of what charges I was disputing and they were very vague about how this would be corrected. Should I be unable to resist that yummy Lemon Pound cake, I will be paying CASH.

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      Jul 28, 2009

    This same thing has happened to my husband who goes to Starbucks all the time. He noticed it right away, he printed off the bank statement and brought it back to the Starbucks. Showed them what happened with his receipt and they refunded it back to him. Thankfully the people at this location are all pretty friendly.

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