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Starbucks / my bad experience

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Ok the week before last I went to my local starbucks located a block from my house (mind you I got there pretty much everyday they know me and the only drink I EVER get there)

Ok, so I go in at 6am Friday right before work like always. I ask for my Cinna-dolce frapp with extra whipped cream, cinna-dolce sprinkles and caramel drizzle on top and to put it in a venti cup. (I order a grandee in venti cup)

One of the usual baristas (she's my fave person who works there) takes my order and starts to make it then she says "Oh, I'm sorry Ann we are out of the regular Frapp blend. I do have the Lite version. You can try that and if you do not like it just let me know I'll get another one." I said "Sure, no problem."

Remind you she along with a few others always treats me well there. She then said "Personally I really do not care for the Lite kind since there's no sugar in it they use splenda." I said well I'll try it because I need my Frapp!! :)

So I take it to work and I try it and OMG!! There was like NO taste at all it was not good to me.

So I went back on Monday at 6am as usual but she was not on that morning but someone else I like was there and also one other barista he sometimes comes off a bit gruff.

I ordered my usual he already knew it and had my total ready for me to pay. So I give him my money (I over looked the nasty LITE kind from Friday since they treat me so well I didn't see it as a problem) he started to prepare to make my drink then came back to me and said in a blah tone

"Oh, were out of the regular frapp mix." I said ok well could I try it with the crème mix? He said yeah. So after about 5 minutes he came back and said "were out of the crème mix too." I was a bit irritated by since I had to get to work and the fact that they do not have ANYTHING I want now. I said well I really do not care for the LITE kind since I tried it already.

He just stood there looking at me. I said well what do I do now. He said I can give you a refund. Hmm um yeah he could give me a refund since I can't get anything I would have to give my money back. SO he gave me my money back and I left out that morning empty handed.

Later in the afternoon I called and asked to speak with a manager. I told the manager about both days and that I was unhappy very unhappy with the service on the second day and that there was NO frapp there at all...he pretty much told me in a sarcastic tone " We can't help it if they aren't sending our supplies so that we can do our job." after 15 minutes off talking to this manager I was like well I know it's not your faults but could I at least get a coupon or a rain check of some kind for a frapp once you get the supplies?

He said why would you need a coupon when we get the supplies since then we will have the supplies and you can be happy then.

I was taken back by what he said. I said No I would not be happy to pay for a drink I have tried to get multiple times I have been a very very good customer and think I should get something for my inconvenience. He said FINE what's your name. I told him and he said well when are you going to pick it up I said when you get your supplies for the frapps.

He snarled and said fine it'll be here. I then went to their website and wrote a complaint on the manager and also told them the whole story just like this. I have heard NOTHING back from them at all.

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  • Ro
      26th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Yea you're wrong. They didn't do anything wrong and I'm sure they'd be glad to lose your business. Get over yourself.

  • Da
      19th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    stores run out of ###. it has nothing to do with the store.

    our store always runs of of stuff. Why? The suppliers. contact them but they'll care even less.

  • Vi
      10th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    omg chill out its not that serious.

    if you actually have time to sit down and call a company to complain about cofffee, you need a damn job or hobbie

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