Stapleswarranty on acer laptop

On 2/27/13 I purchased an Acer Laptop from Staples. Along with the laptop I purchased Norton 360 and an additional 2 yr no risk protection plan. I was told this plan would begin after the Acer 1 yr warranty. Due to issues with laptop, I talked again with Staples and due to the 1st yr they were not interested telling me this was an Acer problem. I called Acer and talked with Jeffery and he said I needed to completely wipe out my computer and sold me several CD for approximately $20 which I received, attempted to do as instructed but CD's would not even work, therefore, that was a waste of money. After this my troubles just got worse. Nothing will download, printer would not print (error message "off line" ), I had to connect with cord to printer and it might or might not work. My Norton has now expired and I have no protection because I can not download anything. Lots of my email can not be read because it is not received completely because of download problems and I am unable to order from many companies due to the download problems, so have to call orders in. I have no work processing any longer, it just disappeared. My daughter bought me Office 365 for Christmas but "no downloading" on this laptop! When I called Staples they required that I bring my warranty over to them in order to know what type I had. My daughter took it to them, along with the laptop, the girl gave her a phone number and said I needed to call immediately because I just had 7 days left on my warranty. She told her my warranty was not up until Feb. of 2016 but the girl said the 2 yr warranty began the day the computer was purchased. She asked why we had a double warranty for the 1st yr and Staples said they would not work on it the 1st yr because it was under warranty with Acer. She said somebody made a mistake and that was not right. These people are crazy and have no idea what they are doing. My purchase days with Staples have ended. I do not deal with dishonest people and scammers! We then called the number she gave us last evening and the lady said that the warranty would be up 2/27/15 and she was sorry they misrepresented I doubled my warranty the 1st yr and nobody wanted to work on it. Anyway she is sending a box for me to send my laptop, they will check it and return it within 10 days after receiving. Also, they may be able to fix it, then again my not and it may cost or it may not. Needless to say I am furious and do not like paying $135 for a 2 yr warranty and receive 18 days. Certainly not worth my hard earned money.

Feb 11, 2015

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