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class action suit

Seeking to join ny Class Action Lawsuit

Over 60 open service tickets.
Any company can have a service issue, but in every instance, Cbeyond has failed to live up to their promises.

Absolutely promised and assured us that their service could handle our small business.

When our phone service stops working, and our internet stops working, they blame us for maxing out our system. We need to buy more capacity!

Speed Test Download speeds .34 MBS Upload speed .03MBS today.

Customer calls are dropped, customers cant reach us, and the internet goes down so we cant provide insurance quotes, which is the center of our business.

Call for help, to the phillipines, and they promise help. They do not even call back.

We have had every excuse in the world given to us.

Their solution is always to suggest we buy more capacity and offer us horrendous cancellation fees. But never offer any options for fixing the service.

If there is any class action suit we can join, please let us know.

  • Ed
    EDGAR N PALACIOS Jun 19, 2014

    I am also complaining to Cbeyond for negligence, disregarding and not maintaining their equipment, incurring in loses for all the days lost in our company with no services at all
    agree with class action lawsuit

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  • Cb
    cbeyond victim Apr 12, 2015

    They disconnected 2 month prior to our wirtten agreement and I can not port my business number! THey wont release unless I have another 3 yrs contract. We need class action lawsuites for this fraudlent organization,

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Constant phone calls

Considering that I'm in Minnesota and this Texas company doesn't appear to offer services here, I should never have had to deal with them, right? Well, I've begun receiving constant phone calls from a number owned by them. These calls typically happen in the evening, often after 10 pm. They'll call 3-5 times in a row, and a reverse lookup shows that if I pick up the phone it will be a scammer trying to get my financial details. It looks like this company as a whole has an absolutely terrible reputation and all of their executives should be behind bars -- but I guess laws don't apply in Texas.

horrible service

I recently decided to give them a chance after years of hating their sales people bombard me with marketing calls and unscheduled office visits. I thought we could save money and our contact was up with AT&T. Their sales rep Shaun Burkle promised great service blah blah blah ... well, right after we signed the problem begins! They couldn't tell if we have some kind of Analog card in our phone system so they couldn't proceed with the install. Then they wanted me to pay for a phone vendor to come out and verify if we have the analog card. When I refused to pay, they stop responding all together! I'm pissed they sold something without even understanding our system. They even sent out supervisors to look at our system but they couldn't tell what is going on. They said if I didn't have the analog card I would need a bundled T1 or they couldn't continue. When I told them I want to cancel the contract, they wouldn't return my calls or emails. We don't even have any equipment installed yet and they're already screwing us. DO NOT SIGN WITH CBEYOND!! They are nothing they promised and the service is horrible after that initial sales visit.

  • Tr
    Tracy de Encio Oct 01, 2013

    The absolute worst service in the world! Only to be matched by their even worse customer service! DO NOT sign a contract with these people!

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My complaint is with all of you. Any large company in the world is going to have a list of people like you determined to tell everyone you know how terrible the company is, when in reality, it was just your personal experience. In 2010 cbeyond recorded 450$ million in revenue. If .05% of their customer base experiences problems (you), they condemn the company as a whole. In fact, any national company that can boast 99.5% satisfaction is truly remarkable. I understand and respectthat you all have the right to be legitimately upset with your own experiences. What I don't agree with, is your attempts to bad-mouth them as a whole in efforts, while be them futile, to bomb the company. What's funny is that after your terrible experiences you go on to other companies many times to get more of the same, or even worse. Let's face it, some of you will just always have problems with every company you associate with because you look for its malfeasance at every corner. Most of you are just being whiny, negative nancies. Have a great day!

  • Pa
    paullee May 24, 2012

    Well put! I have been a CBeyond customer since 2007 and NEVER have had an issue. In fact, I get a call about once per year to go over my contract, usage, etc and make adjustments as necessary. Due to these periodic reviews, my bill has actually come down by 30% and I have increased my service capacity.

    Some people will just have problems more than others, as you have stated. By no means does this reflect on the majority of the CBeyond customers.

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  • Ou
    ouliap Jul 16, 2012

    It's adorable how you're both obviously Cbeyond employees. Just look at the jargon you use -- let's face it, an ordinary customer would never use phrases like "service capacity" and spout random Wall Street facts about a company. I used to be a business reporter, and we got a HUGE kick out of making fun of the jargon that business and PR people obsessively use. Both of you fit the bill to a T.

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  • Ju
    Just ! unhappy customer Jul 26, 2012

    Come on! You must be an employee! Funny how my Sales Rep was no longer working for the company when my billing and service did not match up to his "promises". But later when a new sales rep stopped by for referrals???? she let slip that he was actually a supervisor now. The company reps, customer services employees, supervisors lie both to your face and by omission. I would not want CBeyond on my resume for any reason. Anyone applying at my business with any employment lasting more than 30 days with them would never be considered as a candidate here. CBeyond's contract is binding, but I wonder how it would stand up in court if the employees were also sued individually. Would they then open up about the company sales tactics? If the issue is the individual sales reps and not CBeyond then why does this company not fix their problems?????

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  • Ha
    Harlowe Thrombey Sep 05, 2012

    Our small business subscribes to Cbeyond internet/electronic secretary/phone service... and IT SUCKS. The phone service is out... on average about twice a year. The internet goes out every day. They don't pick up their phones. The tech support is nonexistent. (The sales reps are plentiful though.. and happy to immediately pick up the phone). On top of that, their so-called T1 connection is SLOWER, BY FAR, than any Verizon or TimeWarner I ever had. Cbeyond is a joke.

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  • Sm
    Smith Center Mar 24, 2014

    CBeyond is the worst service ever!!! Our phone service was out for 2 days, we had to change the data box 3 times within 9 months and they gave us a toll free number that did not ring to our office. Once we called about the toll free number their only response was "now we have you up and running" That was no help and probably a loss of a lot of business. When asked about some type of compensation they then wanted me to prove that the number was the wrong number???

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Bad Service

Where does one start with complaints about Cbeyond. Some part of their service is always down, it takes over a week to get a problem resolved, you get spammed with emails, ... most recently they didn't keep their promise on offering unlimited long distance acusing me of fraud and wanting to charge me over $8000. Most recently, I ran into one of their Executives Peter Sherman and all he could do was tell me about the great things they are doing at Cbeyond like improving the customer service handle times (must be really bad because every customer calling). In the end, it was all about him, and did't even make himself accountable for helping me get my problems resolved. When the executives won't even help you and totally lost in what is wrong with this company, you know you shouldn't do business with them

  • Ma
    Maxim Bankevich Feb 21, 2011

    On a course of almost 4 years Cbeyond got us disconnected at least once in three month. Customer service always promise to take care of the problem but never did until you call them 3-4 times. Cbeyond uses ATT and other subcontractors to fix onsite technical issues.
    Porting out numbers – it’s almost impossible – they do everything to make you stay and pay for the service even though you don’t need it anymore. The worst telecom company that we have a deal with. ATT and Comcast have their own issues – but Cbeyond is a leader on this department.

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Terrible Phone Service

Terrrible customer support. Terrible communication between all inner offices. Dropped calls, poor quality sound, can't dial form my house on celluar even with a booster they installed. Walk into our business in the am and phones are down. 6 months of crap. I do not recomend them at any cost savings, you'll trade that for alot more loss of business. Piss poor period! I am so agrivated, I now see why they don't sell surface to surface missles to the public! The only thing that has agrivated me this much in my life is our Goverment...The End

Jim Geiger is Old

His days are numbered...because if outside mirrors what's inside this old pock faced man shows why his company thrives on delusional drugged up employees selling an outdated product. He's ugly and so is his company.

Not truly a high-tech company, Cbeyond’s business model is in fact a sales organization selling a product that is no longer unique. It provides bundled telecomm services to small to mid-size companies (generally 4 to 100 lines) in a package. This includes business phone, long distance, internet, mobile phone, website hosting, voicemail, and optional services. Their business plan is centered on hiring a sales force of ambitious young people who actually go knocking door to door in office parks to solicit customers, incentivized by big commissions for reeling in new customers on three year contracts.

Citron believes the growth story the company wants Wall St. to believe is pure fiction. Adjust it to reality, and you have a low-or-no-growth company with sustainable market presence in only 3 or 4 cities, selling for a PE of over 100. From this precarious point, the stock could fall by 2/3rds and still be seriously overpriced.

Competitive forces have been mounting steadily and now present a totally different landscape than when Cbeyond established its presence in its lead cities a decade ago.

More importantly, as mentioned in a Merrill Lynch research report from June 29, it is not only pricing with their current competition that CBEY has to worry about but it is the inevitable push of cable operators threatening their mainline business - the cable companies are simply better configured to go cheaper and wireless.

Probably the single most toxic statistic to Cbeyond is “churn rate” - the rate at which it loses existing customers. Cbeyond quotes its churn as a monthly figure, so some investors may not understand the true significance of a rise from a historically “below 1%” to current 1.5% — which is a rise from single digits to 18% per year.

CBEY’s best days are behind them. Investors who “follow the money” see beyond - a company whose insiders have sold stock in larger amounts than the company’s remaining cash.

Cbeyond $15,000 Cancellation Fees, (not a typo-$15,000) Misleading Salespeople; Overpriced Products; Horrible Service; Monument, Colorado

Cbeyond offers land lines, blackberry service, web hosting, secure back up and file share, email, voice mail, etc. I have Cbeyond for less than a year now and not one service provided by Cbeyond has functioned as promised. The worst part is that they make you sign an agreement that states you will pay no matter what for three years should you cancel service. Stupid on my part for signing without doing research about the company in question. Had I seen the [redacted]s, and read consumer feedback, I'd never have agreed to the salespeople's pitch.

Usually two people solicit your business, and they are charming personalities, but not authorized to sign the agreement that they put in front of you. You're the only one signing; Cbeyond never signed my contract! I have 5 Mobile lines, and 50% of the services I used to have with Verizon, were not included in my contract price. I tried to cancel my agreement within the first 30 days, because it was too difficult to get everything working properly, and the estimated cancellation charge was over $15, 000!

If you have a technical problem, they direct you to their website and open a service ticket, that's the best way to resolve an issue. Well you open a service ticket and a month goes by and then you'll receive an email that says the issue has been resolved, but no one calls to see if it was done correctly. It's a total scam, because every time I call about my inconsistent and overpriced billing statements, customer service can manipulate the amount by applying or canceling credits and discounts. I've never done business with such a company; charging whatever they feel like, because they've got you trapped! They are preying upon trusting people like myself that sign ridiculous agreements without verifying if it's true or not. Do yourself a favor and never sign an agreement with Cbeyond. I've very sorry that I switched from Qwest Internet/Phone; and Verizon Wireless.

  • Every complaint posted about Cbeyond is true; I've read them all, and it makes me feel a little better that I wasn't the only one deceived. On the other hand, I wish there was something we could do to save others from being trapped and ripped off for 3 years.

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  • Ph
    phanusa Sep 12, 2011

    Hello I am in Houston, TX. I am not happy with the service neither. I sign a 2 year contract but the dam sale rep sneak in a 3 year.. Nick Jackson is his name he too left the company shortly after...Want to get out of this silly company...let me know what i can do...

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Horrible company. Bait and switch. Their goal is to promise you every thing. Get a strangle hold on your...

Aggressive Drop-in Sales

A tag-team of three very aggressive cbeyond salesmen dropped in on our business today. We asked them to leave and they would not! We insisted we did not want to buy any services from them and they belligerently replied "what have we tried to sell you so far?" (they had a point - they had only pitched their product at us - they had not yet tried to close a sale... but still, when a customer asks you to leave, please leave!)


  • An
    annie789 Aug 17, 2011

    That happened to me today. A CBeyond sales rep named Wilson Laloi came into the office building I manage. I politely took his card, but that wasn't enough. He accused me of having a "sour face" (?) and demanded to speak to the owner, an attorney who was in the middle of a deposition. I asked him to leave, and he went out to the waiting area and began talking to the defendant in the case, then headed up the stairs to bother another office. I reminded him that I had asked him to leave and repeated my request. By this time, tenants were coming out of their offices. One called the police. When informed him that the police were on their way, he became increasingly beligerant, saying that we were not "respecting him". After ranting for a while longer, one of the owners finally convinced him to go away.

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Biggest Mistake I EVER Made!

I made the mistake of signing up with CBeyond! I can NOT stress enough: DON'T DO IT! Why? Below is a laundry list of unbelievable bad service.

The 'sales rep' hustled me. He lied about everything. He said that I had 30 days to cancel if I wasn't happy. He said that the transition from Qwest to his company would be smooth. LIE. He said that I would receive credits when transferring my cell phones. LIE. In short this is what I got:

- I signed up. I had no phone service for 2 days. They screwed that up.

- They put down the wrong 800 number. I have NO idea where they got it.

- They didn't contact Qwest to cancel my internet service. I wound up paying $397 for internet service I didn't use!

- They didn't issue my credits for the cell phones until I called and threw a fit.

- They were never able to activate my cell phones. I gave up.

- They never contacted the phonebook company to get our listings in the book. The information online was TOTALLY wrong: wrong number, wrong address.

- My interent connection ***. Half the time, my faxes never went through. I finally got somone out to try to fix it. It's better but not totally fixed.

- When I tried to cancel in 30 days, they told me that I'd have to pay an early termination fee of $12, 000!! They said that they don't have a 30 free cancellation policy.

I'm currently filing a complaint with the BBB in Atlanta (I'm in Colorado). We'll see what happens.

Personally, I'd like to see the crooks at CBeyond in jail with a hefty fine and watch their corporate office burn down.

  • Gr
    Grumbler Mar 30, 2014

    My transition from Qwest to Cbeyond cannot bebe more smooth. Internet and voice were ported in less than half a day. I took care if disconnecting Qwest.

    I never had to use the 30 day guarantee term.

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Deceptive tactics

Cbeyond has defrauded a client of mine. They claim they have a contract with them based on their dealings with a lower level employee who has no authority to bind the company in contract. when the owners found out, they terminated the relationship. after terminating the contract, the cuased my client to lose long standing phone numbers. now customers cannot contact them. in addition, to interfering with their customers, they charged this exorbitant termination fee. In addition, to that we learned that cbeyond was charging about 200/300 percent more than normal phone service would cost. this is a clear scam with high pressure tactics. please stay vary far away from this company.

  • Th
    The War Eagle Nov 22, 2012

    In my experience, Cbeyond has a statement in the contract which states, the person signing this agreement certifies that he/she has read the agreement, and certifies that they can bind the company to the agreement. Thus, the lower level employee held himself/herself out to be the person who could bind the company to the contract. Your 200-300% more is based upon, from my experience, cable and DSL reps stating it is the same service- it is not. Those services are shared by every company on your block and up to 2 miles away. T1 is dedicated. That is why cable and DSL companies say- UP to. You can win up to 5 Million in the lottery, but if you win only $10- legally it is correct- $10 is up to...Now, if you have someone paying the bills, they should have seen that a change was made and inquired within 30-60 days as to what happened. Past that point, it is considered "acceptance."-just an observation from the outside.

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Avoid them like plague

We recently launched an ad campaign involving a television commercial and some print ads. We wanted to create a "minisite" or subdomain with special content relating to the event being advertised (like Our web designer spoke to cBeyond, since they provide our web hosting, and they said that it was possible to set it up. However, days before the commercial was set to be aired, when the designer went to publish the minisite, we learned the real truth - that cBeyond "has never and does not currently support subdomains or multiple domains on any hosting products".

Our web master/designer told them to IMMEDIATELY change our nameservers over on our website, so that we could quickly migrate to a different hosting company who (like 99.999% of all hosts) supports subdomains. The plan would have saved us from wasting thousands on the ad campaign, except for one problem: even though our web master called them 3 times, on 3 different consecutive days, requesting that the change be made (the first time to request, the second two times to confirm that it was processing), the genius "technicians" at cBeyond changed the "wrong setting". We waited and waited for the migration to go through, and they kept saying that it was still processing... Finally, the night before the TV ads were scheduled to stop airing, we found out the truth - that they hadn't really even started the migration in the first place. By the time they actually started the process, it was too late.

CBeyond's incompetency cost us over $50, 000 in advertising, since none of the viewers of the ad were able to get on the website it was advertising! To top it all off, when we spoke to a "supervisor" after the fact, their only response was "that's an unfortunate turn of events, but there's nothing we can do about it". THAT'S IT! Not even an offer to give us some credit on our rip-off, overpriced $2, 000/month phone bill.


  • As
    A. Shiek Jan 22, 2010

    Cbeyond has been way to expensive for me, they gave me a 13th month and 25mth addendum for me to cancel my service no questions asked and avoiding the termination fee. So I am on my 13th month and am going to cancel but here is the kicker they want me to pay them 495 which was the "waived" install fee plus 200 for each cell phone line(I had 2). This is in addition to a 500 promo discount I received when I signed on with them. Now wait I am not done...they initially wanted 595/month for my service but said they would discount it 105 each month to keep it more affordable for me(bringing the price down to 490each month). They never told me that if I cancel in my 13th month they will charge me 105 times 13 months. So in other words they want me to repay a total of $2360 just to cancel which was supposed to be a hassle free switch over. My advise to everyone...please please do not sign with Cbeyond. If you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected], I can explain their whole fee process to anyone willing to listen. I am an actual customer not an anonymous poster making up crap.

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  • Mu
    Munzer Feb 10, 2010

    Please contact [email protected] for possible class action law suit against CBeyond for false promises by the sales people and fraudulent business practice.

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Do not contract with them

No company should be able to get away with what CBeyond does. Talk about controled criminal activity! I thought gangsters were a thing of the past.


It is estimated that the criminal gang activity cost the US Government more than 10 billion a year through protection rackets.[25] Monthly

payments can range from 457.00 for a small shop or bar to 5, 000 for a larger business. Targets who try and opt out the legally obtained

contract are usually harassed, often through astronomical termination fees

Well CBeyond you have proven that disgusting business practices are alive

and well, please read CBeyond's termination clauses below. If this aint extortion I don't know what is.

i.If, after both parties have signed the Contract, termination occurs before we install our equipment or activate the Services, you shall be liable for $1, 000;

ii.If termination occurs during the Initial Term of this Contract, you shall be liable for: (a) all outstanding nonrecurring fees plus (b) 100% of the Monthly Fees for each month, if any, remaining in the first year of

the Initial Term, plus, if applicable, (c) 75% of the Monthly Fees for each month, if any, remaining in the second year of the Initial Term, plus, if applicable, (d) 50% of the Monthly Fees for each month, if any,

remaining in the third year of the Initial Term;

iii.If termination occurs after the Initial Term of this Contract, you shall be liable for: (a) all outstanding nonrecurring fees plus (b) 50% of

the Monthly Fees for each month remaining in the applicable term, up to one year;

iv.If termination also occurs as to any BeyondOffice™ Services, you shall

be liable for an additional amount equal to the lesser of: (a) $500; or (b) $50 for each month remaining in the Initial Term or any Renewal Term of this Contract as described in Section 8.2; and

v.If termination also occurs as to any BeyondMobile™ Services, you shall be liable for an additional amount equal to the cancellation charge for your mobile plan then in effect.

  • Mu
    Munzer Feb 10, 2010

    Please contact [email protected] for possible class action law suit against CBeyond for false promises by the sales people and fraudulent business practice.

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  • Dj
    DJ Stevens Jul 07, 2011

    It should be illegal what Cbeyond does!!! This was my experience:
    1. Salesman said get credits for headset, installment incentive, vendor coupon and an annual discount. It turns out that all of these are coupons that must be submitted on their website within a 30 day window. Allot of time to do this!
    2. Cbeyond has their own cell phones, no SIM card and you have to use their phones. They charge $300 to $500 for a blackberry.
    3. A cell phone contract will extend your entire contract! They do not tell you this, it is in small print. Their cell phone contracts are for 2 years. They force your entire contract to stay with them because of one cell phone. Even if you cancel the cell phone contract for $175 they say the entire contract is still in force. How is this legal????????????????

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It sounded good. Also I was told that should I be dissatisfied, breaking contract would be a minimal fee. The phones were sabotagued 3 times. My business is dependent on the calls getting through. It required many calls with no results although things were said by the representatives that indicated something was wrong. I was called a liar by insinuation. My employees were accused. In the end after losing $1000s of dollars in business they credited my account with $500. Dumby names were found on the account and my service messed with. If security is what you are looking for. C Beyond is not it. If you are looking for a business that listens to you...C Beyond is not it.

  • Mu
    Munzer Feb 10, 2010

    Please contact [email protected] for possible class action law suit against CBeyond for false promises by the sales people and fraudulent business practice.

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THIS IS THE WORST VENDOR I HAVE EVER DELT WITH!!! Do NOT listen to their dishonest sales people...they will tell you whatever they need to close the sale! I was suppose to save money by "bundleing" my service. I had a contract signed with them saying one thing...then I got my bill and it was $1654.73 THE FIRST MONTH!!! I tried to resolve this with TONY HARRIS who is suppose to be in retention... They did not keep me as a customer... in fact they lost me as a customer for 3 years and have a lawsuit against them, b/c when I tried to port my numbers to another service provider they held my phone line up for almost 3 weeks!
This cost me over $45, 000 in lost business.
Plus it looks really bad to my customers.

Do yourself a favor and DO NOT use this company!!! You will get screwed... in the BAD way!

  • Ja
    JayAmDimm Sep 15, 2009

    We've had the exact same problem here in Colorado. They have cost alot of money and time as well

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  • Mu
    Munzer Feb 10, 2010

    Please contact [email protected] for possible class action law suit against CBeyond for false promises by the sales people and fraudulent business practice.

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continued entering my suite

Today I got another walk-in sales call from these aggressive sales people. I have asked various sales people...

Do not purchase from them

Do not purchase any Cbeyond services. I did and it's the worst nightmare ever. After the installation, I...

Failed to Provide Service

CBeyond failed to provide any consistent phone or internet Service. Since the inception of service, we submitted numerous trouble tickets and never had a resolution. After months of taking losses and receiving assurances that they would correct the problem, we sought new service from another provider. While waiting to obtain new service from a new provider, Cbeyond chose to shut off any remaining service that was working 7 days ahead of the shut off date. They did so because they said, "we have a right to shut you off early if we want."

To read more, please see

  • Al
    Aliyare56 Sep 24, 2009

    I strongly agree with you that Cbeyond is the worst telecom company in the U.S. The sales representatives push the customers so hard to sign contracts and then abondon them. If you break the contract, they ask you to pay over $9000 termination fee with a threat of an collection attorney! Moreover, their service is horouble. For instance, you come to your office only to find the phone service is not working. When you call Cbeyond, the reps will tell you to call an outside vendor, at your expense, to fix the problem.

    Think twice before signing an agreement with Cbeyond or they will eat you alive!

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  • Mu
    Munzer Feb 10, 2010

    Please contact [email protected] for possible class action law suit against CBeyond for false promises by the sales people and fraudulent business practice.

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Awful everything

We went with Cbeyond thinking we would save money and simplify our phones, website, mobile, etc... BIG MISTAKE! This company is the absolute worst. We were lied to about everything. We were promised we would have a technician come in, install the new VOIP system, transfer our cell phones, and transfer our website. We were also told we could send callers to individual voice mailboxes when they called in. None of this came true. Sure they came in and set up the phones, and then they gave us a booklet and told us we were on our own. After two days our service went out and we could not get it fixed for a week. Thank God we didn't switch over our cell phones or we would have been screwed. The voicemail was inconsistent at best and when we asked how to send callers to voicemail they told us our phone system could not handle this task. We never switched anything else over to them. It's a good thing to because once they have all your services under their control and there "contract" they have have you by the nuts. Don't be stupid, there is a reason so many people are complaining about this company. The customer service is a joke, it doesn't exist.


  • Bi
    Biily B Aug 05, 2009

    I have been in business for 18 years (law firm) I can say, without question, that CBeyond is the WORST telcom company I have ever dealt with. I have been trying to switch to a new carrier for over 6 months as CBeyond is holding my phone lines hostage! My new provider (AT&T) claims they have never seen such a bad case of holding lines hostage as they consistently see with CBeyond. One time I was two weeks late paying an invoice and they shut off all my services !!! No courtesy call beforehand----insane!!! (I could not even use my cell phone to call my employees as CBeyond controlled those also)

    Further, my business relies greatly upon collect calls from the local jails. I asked my rep about this concern before I signed up and he responded "no problem". Well, CBeyond does not allow my business to accept collect calls from the jails in the traditional sense where a customer simply dials a "0" . The customer must dial a "1" first AND I need to have a prepaid account.

    Also, whenever I had a problem with my service, when we would call in to speak with a CBeyond rep we were always put on hold for ridiculous amounts of time.

    Additionally, you need to REALLY look at your bills. I recently noticed that I was still being billed for services I cancelled MONTHS ago.

    CBeyond is aweful.

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  • Mu
    Munzer Feb 10, 2010

    Please contact [email protected] for possible class action law suit against CBeyond for false promises by the sales people and fraudulent business practice.

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