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Cbeyond Complaints & Reviews

Cbeyond / class action suit

blakeallen on Mar 25, 2014

Seeking to join ny Class Action Lawsuit Over 60 open service tickets. Any company can have a service issue, but in every instance, Cbeyond has failed to live up to their promises. Absolutely promised and assured us that their service could handle our small business. When our phone...

Cbeyond / Constant phone calls

ouliap on Jul 16, 2012

Considering that I'm in Minnesota and this Texas company doesn't appear to offer services here, I should never have had to deal with them, right? Well, I've begun receiving constant phone calls from a number owned by them. These calls typically happen in the evening, often...

Cbeyond / horrible service

Annie L on Mar 26, 2012

I recently decided to give them a chance after years of hating their sales people bombard me with marketing calls and unscheduled office visits. I thought we could save money and our contact was up with AT&T. Their sales rep Shaun Burkle promised great service blah blah blah ... well...

Cbeyond / Complaints

Adjh on Jan 14, 2012

My complaint is with all of you. Any large company in the world is going to have a list of people like you determined to tell everyone you know how terrible the company is, when in reality, it was just your personal experience. In 2010 cbeyond recorded 450$ million in revenue. If .05% of...

Cbeyond / Bad Service

Susan2011 on Jun 26, 2011

Where does one start with complaints about Cbeyond. Some part of their service is always down, it takes over a week to get a problem resolved, you get spammed with emails, ... most recently they didn't keep their promise on offering unlimited long distance acusing me of fraud and...

Cbeyond / Terrible Phone Service

Liesmen on Jun 15, 2011

Terrrible customer support. Terrible communication between all inner offices. Dropped calls, poor quality sound, can't dial form my house on celluar even with a booster they installed. Walk into our business in the am and phones are down. 6 months of crap. I do not recomend them at...

Cbeyond / Jim Geiger is Old

Chicko on Feb 1, 2011

His days are numbered...because if outside mirrors what's inside this old pock faced man shows why his company thrives on delusional drugged up employees selling an outdated product. He's ugly and so is his company. Not truly a high-tech company, Cbeyond’s business model is in...

Cbeyond / Cbeyond $15,000 Cancellation Fees, (not a typo-$15,000) Misleading Salespeople; Overpriced Products; Horrible Service; Monument, Colorado

Cbeyond offers land lines, blackberry service, web hosting, secure back up and file share, email, voice mail, etc. I have Cbeyond for less than a year now and not one service provided by Cbeyond has functioned as promised. The worst part is that they make you sign an agreement that state...

Cbeyond / Fraud


Horrible company. Bait and switch. Their goal is to promise you every thing. Get a strangle hold on your business and force you to pay 3 times what you were told. They can destroy your business. I dumped them, with great effort, now they want $13, 000 for 2 months worth of nightmare.

Cbeyond / Aggressive Drop-in Sales

A tag-team of three very aggressive cbeyond salesmen dropped in on our business today. We asked them to leave and they would not! We insisted we did not want to buy any services from them and they belligerently replied "what have we tried to sell you so far?" (they had a point - they had...

Cbeyond / Biggest Mistake I EVER Made!


I made the mistake of signing up with CBeyond! I can NOT stress enough: DON'T DO IT! Why? Below is a laundry list of unbelievable bad service. The 'sales rep' hustled me. He lied about everything. He said that I had 30 days to cancel if I wasn't happy. He said that the...

Cbeyond / Deceptive tactics


Cbeyond has defrauded a client of mine. They claim they have a contract with them based on their dealings with a lower level employee who has no authority to bind the company in contract. when the owners found out, they terminated the relationship. after terminating the contract, the...

Cbeyond / Avoid them like plague


We recently launched an ad campaign involving a television commercial and some print ads. We wanted to create a "minisite" or subdomain with special content relating to the event being advertised (like Our web designer spoke to cBeyond, since they provide our web...

Cbeyond / Do not contract with them


No company should be able to get away with what CBeyond does. Talk about controled criminal activity! I thought gangsters were a thing of the past. Extortion It is estimated that the criminal gang activity cost the US Government more than 10 billion a year through protection rackets.[25]...

Cbeyond / Dissatisfied


It sounded good. Also I was told that should I be dissatisfied, breaking contract would be a minimal fee. The phones were sabotagued 3 times. My business is dependent on the calls getting through. It required many calls with no results although things were said by the representatives that...


THIS IS THE WORST VENDOR I HAVE EVER DELT WITH!!! Do NOT listen to their dishonest sales people...they will tell you whatever they need to close the sale! I was suppose to save money by "bundleing" my service. I had a contract signed with them saying one thing...then I got my bill and it...

Cbeyond / continued entering my suite

Today I got another walk-in sales call from these aggressive sales people. I have asked various sales people from this lousy company to stop entering my space. Every month they feel that they must continue to visit me even though I have told 8 different sales people at least 10 times that...

Cbeyond / Do not purchase from them


Do not purchase any Cbeyond services. I did and it's the worst nightmare ever. After the installation, I had no voice mail for 7 days and all Cbeyond did was create tickets and never called back. Our cell phones did not work correctly and the T1 is horrible and very slow. I tried to...

Cbeyond / Failed to Provide Service

CBeyond failed to provide any consistent phone or internet Service. Since the inception of service, we submitted numerous trouble tickets and never had a resolution. After months of taking losses and receiving assurances that they would correct the problem, we sought new service from...

Cbeyond / Awful everything


We went with Cbeyond thinking we would save money and simplify our phones, website, mobile, etc... BIG MISTAKE! This company is the absolute worst. We were lied to about everything. We were promised we would have a technician come in, install the new VOIP system, transfer our cell phone...