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Don't every buy a warranty from staples. My computer has been back 4 times now and worse then every. Went in for one thing and have had problems every since. All you get is well you will have to send it back again.

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  • Wa
      4th of Jan, 2011

    I purchased the extended warranty on a printer, based on the salesperson's statements to me that if I had a problem with the printer I could bring it back to the store for an immediate replacement. As I was purchasing the printer for my home office, and did not want to be without a printer if it broke, this sounded like a reasonable option. I purchased the two year "Date-of-Purchase, Technical Support & Protection Plan" for $29.99. When I had problems with the printer six months later, and could not fix the problem using telephone tech-support, I attempted to exchange the printer at the store. The store manager refused to abide by the terms of the warranty as they had been explained to me. When I questioned the manager and a salesperson about what the salespeople were telling their customers; I was told to leave the store or be arrested. I chose to leave the store and conduct my own investigation into what the Staples salespeople are telling customers to get them to buy the extended warranties.

    I posed as someone interested in purchasing a printer and visited six Staples stores in the Denver area, two in the Orlando area, and five in the Portland, Oregon area. I found that all the salespeople misrepresented what the true terms and conditions of the extended warranty were. If it had been a small percentage of salespeople misrepresenting the terms and conditions; it may have indicated improper conduct on the part of individuals. However, when the sales pitch misrepresenting the terms and conditions is detailed and consistent from Orlando to Denver to Portland; it is my opinion that this represents a pattern of a business intentionally trying to mislead or defraud its customers. If you have had a similar experience, contact me at

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  • Jo
      1st of Apr, 2011

    When I purchased an HP G71-340 laptop computer from Staples, I was sold a three-year extended warranty that was seamlessly to continue the HP 1-year warranty for 2 additional years. Before the HP warranty was up, I contacted them with a computer speaker problem. They failed to resolve the issue. I went back to work. It takes hours to deal with HP on technical issues. Today, with my extended warranty in place, I contacted Staples ESP about the speaker problem. I was curtly told by both a technical contact and her supervisor that because I had called HP about this issue, it was a "pre-existing condition" and NOT covered by the extended warranty. I checked with the tiny print on the contract and found the pre-existing phrase. It referred to conditions existing prior to "issuance" of the coverage. The technical service plan was issued to me the day I purchased the computer, and the condition did not exist at that time. So, it was NOT a pre-existing condition according to the contract. However, the supervisor still refused to create a service work order. I think they are charged to refuse service wherever possible. Unless they fix this problem, I will avoid Staples - and advise others to do the same.

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  • Ba
      30th of Jun, 2011

    I can see this happening. The machine broke down under the warranty with HP and you failed to get it resolved. Now you want Staples to cover a defect that should have been repaired by the manufacturer. Personally, if the time was short before the HP warranty ended, I would have waited until the Staples warranty took effect and contacted them. They are much easier to deal with. HP is a horror story.

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  • Ca
      12th of May, 2012

    what they dont tell you. we also bought the extended warranty for a printer. and 11 months later when the printer failed they replaced it, with a refurbished unit that had printed over 700 items, it also had loose parts and leaked ink all over the rug, we requested a different printer and they sent another refurbished unit that printed over 900 copies, we are able to take pieces from refurb printer no 1 and put on refurb printer no 2 and get a working printer, for awhile. less than 6 months later, the replaced refurb printer No. 2 died and we are looking at having to buy another printer, since the replacement is only a one... time event ( with a refurb unit). was it worth the cost of the warranty to end up with a refurbished unit?? I dunno. but I wont be doing it again.

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  • Si
      20th of Jun, 2012

    If you have this issue, you can swing by the store. Each area has a liaison for the guarantor of our Service Plans. If the phone support gives you the runaround, you can visit the store and we can call them.

    I've yet to have a legitimate problem (such as this) not on it's way to resolution by the end of the phone call.

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  • Kb
      4th of Sep, 2012

    Don't buy protection plans from them either. If you have to use it after you buy it they tell you that you canceled it! Unbelievable!

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