Staples Depot Laptop Repair / poor service

United States

I took my laptop to staples when it started to act up, and they initially told me it was my hard drive and they would fix it. So, 2 weeks later, they call me and tell me it is not the hard drive, but a problem with the motherboard. They said they would send it to their depot repair and they would fix everything that is wrong with it. After 2 more weeks, I called them to see if it was ready, and they told me it was back. Just last week, the same thing was happening, so I went back. They said it is a problem with the motherboard again, but they wouldn’t cover it under the warranty because my warranty expired on July 6th, and I was there the morning of July 7th.

With their 90 day warranty, they start the warranty the day they ship it out, before it is even repaired, so by the time I got my computer back, I had already lost over 2 weeks of my warranty. They called the place to do that did the depot repair and they said they would not cover it, but the people at Staples told me they would help me purchase a new computer if I wanted to….yeah right, even if I was going to purchase a new computer, it wouldn’t be from them after seeing what kind of service they give you!


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