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Staples Copy Center / terrible customer service in pinole store

1 Fitzgerald DrivePinole, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 5102230402

I am a long time customer of the Pinole California Staples Store. As a preschool owner/director I use their copy center for relatively large copy jobs of school worksheets we use each day of each month. Heretofore, I've been very please with the customer service. If ever there were any problems they were slight and the manager on duty was more than willing the step in. As a regular customer at the copy center, I got to know the regulars and they got to know me and what to expect when I show up with my mothly work sheets.

Today, however, at the Pinole, California Staples Copy Center, I was the recepient of the worse cutomer service I have ever received in a store, hands down.

When dropped off my copy job, I was told by the clerk that they had a large job to finish and might not be able to get to my job today. I told her that I HAD to have the worksheets for school tomorrow and asked if I was willing to pick up late in the day would I be able to get my job done. She said yes, and asked if I could come in at 6:30. I agreed and left.

Approximately, 30-45 minutes later, I received a phone call from a person I believe to be named Tina at the Pinole store - who seemed to be very agitated. She told me that my copy would not be completed today and that I could pick it up the originals today, or come in tomorrow to pick up the copies. I explained my conversation with the sales clerk wherein she agreed that my job could be completed late in the day. Tina's response was she didn't know what was agreed upon between the first sales clerk and I but that my copy job wasn't going to be completed today. She stated she was calling then because "it wasn't too late." I told her it was already too late because Staples had accepted the job. And there was no one else I could find to complete it today. I asked her if there was any portion of my job that could be completed so that I could have some of it today. Tina came across as really irritaed with me. She put me on hold and came back and abruptly asked if I could come to the store at 8:00 p.m. I asked her what time the store closed and she said 9:00p.m. She said they would start my job around 4:00 and it would be finished thereafter. Feeling a little bruised but optomistic, I agreed and hung up.

I showed up at the store at 8:04 and they were closed! I gave a brief explanation of my situation to the guy at the door, Vitaliv, and he agreed to let me in. Got to copy center and asked to speak with a manager because I was unhappy with how my copy job had been handled and the misinformation Tina had given me about the closing time (I really think Tina purposely gave me the wrong time so that I wouldn't get my copies. How is it that a store employee wouldn't know when a store closed?)

Vitaliv was the on site supervisor and things went down hill from there. He approached me and before I could even get my complaint out, he told me Tina had told him all about me and how mad I was when she called me. When I attempted to explain my side of things he wouldn't listen- kept cutting me off with things he said Tina had told him. When I mentioned to him that she gave me the wrong closing time of the store, he told me flat out that I was wrong. What's worse, he told me my job had been finished early and I could have picked it up at 6:00! I asked why no one had called to inform me that my job was done (as they have always done in the past) and he shrugged. Worse yet I looked at the receipt and had been charged TWICE what I normally paid. When I attempted to ask the clerk questions to get clarification about the bill, Vitaliv interrupted the clerk and I, and told me the price was what is was. When I explained to him how I am normally billed for my job he told me I was billed more because I instructed Tina to hand feed my copies instead of using the document feeder. Not true and doesn't make sense. Why would I WANT to pay more for copies? I settled for paying only for the copies I need for class this week and told Vitaliv that I would be speaking to his manager tomorrow.

I am BLOWN AWAY by treatment I received in store today. Tina came across as harried, irritated and frustrated (perhaps overworked.) While I think her phone call was ill advised (she should have clarified things with her co-worker before calling me) Vitaliv was just plain nasty. He'd formed an opinion about me without having all of the facts and made it clear he couldn't care less about my concerns.

I spend a lot of money in the store and am a regular customer. I deserved better treadment today.

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  • Hi
      29th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I work at a staples copy center, and I hear cases like this all the time. A customer comes in, asks to get a job done by a certian time, and is extreamly unhappy when they leave becasue we tell them it can't be done right away. People just need to plan ahead, if I have 7 other jobs that belong to customers with the same story about being on a time crunch, how am I supposed to get everyones job done?.. What people need is patience. Thus being said, I do NOT condone the eleged actions of that employee or that manager. We try to assist all of our customers in a way which will make everyone happy!

  • Je
      16th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Dude, I have the same type of problem with Staples' managers, my order was for laminating 3 of my diplomas, and the girl at the copy center destroyed two diplomas during paper feeding because she wasn't paying attention to her work, I end up talking to their onsite manager Candace and she agreed to reimburse me for the cost of getting my diploma reprinted.

    The problem started with another manager by second week I drop by with copy of form/invoice that I have for the diplomas reprinted cost, but guess what the second manager Lorie DiGiacinto lies to me and say staple will never do a reimbursement because those diplomas were too big for the laminating machine (it only 12x17 inch document) and too fragile (its new diplomas, not even a month old, its a high quality paper and they consider it to be fragile), and she say staples were not responsible for damaged documents because they have warned me about large document can't be for lamination, WTF her employee at the copycenter NEVER told me about the large document issue, either the employee lied to her manager about her talk (warning) with me or the manager are covering for the employee by BLAMING THE FAULT ON ME (the consumer) for bringing in such a large document for lamination. ###ing Staples, I hope they go bankrupt like circuit city for ### customer service!

    btw mine happened at 1631 wesel blvd., hagerstown, md 21740, I have filed a report on BBB and filed complaints on their site as well as other complaint websites, I want spread to spread my complaints and I am warning people not to bring in any precious time piece documents to staples copy center because if they destroy the documents, they will blame on you for bringing the document to them.

  • Ri
      4th of Feb, 2014
    0 Votes

    I have personally shopped at that location and can assure you that this individual "sonja" is one of the yappies that thinks that they are entitled to everything and expect people working there to bent over backwards in trying to please them just cause. Employees and managers aren't there to kiss ### of lying ### customers trying to pull a fast one on them. Great job staples team for taking out the trash. You don't need those kind of customers.

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