Staplesfalse staples delivery date

I went to the store this weekend to purchase a desk and a filing cabinet. I decided to take advantage of the advertised "free delivery" option. So, instead of taking the items with me that day I opted to have them delivered to my house. My delivery date was estimated 9/14/10. Confident that the delivery date would occur as stated in the paperwork I received, I took off work to wait at home for my already purchased items. I received a call today, 9/13/10, at 3:00 p. M from a staples representative asking for me to call her back before 5:00 p. M. Or my order will not get delivered on 9/14/10. She claimed that she needed to verify information before it could be delivered. Needless to say, I could not call her back before 5:00 p. M. Due to work. After the run around and calling several 800 numbers they basically told me that it was too late for it to be delivered on 9/14/10, as originally promised. No apologies were rendered only an expectation that I would be okay with this change. Well, i'm not okay with it considering that I have loss a day of work due to this great inconvenience. So my advice to others consumers - don't do delivery unless you have time to waste or just shop elsewhere! I cancelled my order and i'm buying my items somewhere else! Thank you staples for wasting my very valuable time.


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