Stanley Steemer Internationalrefund and lawn and driveway

I received a call from Stanley Steemer about the job they did earlier.I talked to I think is the manager of the operation in Louisville, Ky. He wanted to redo the carpet and grout. I told him that I had talked to Coit who at the time was two houses down from my home if they could do a better job then Stanley Steemer. He came over and gave me a sample of the area that was done by Stanley Steemer. He did a very good job so I made a appointment with Coit. The next day Stanley Steemer called and want to redo my tile and carpet. I told them no and that Coit came over and gave me a sample of there work and that it was a very good job and that I wanted a refund.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Louisville, KYHe said I would get a refund but said that he would still like to come over and do the work over for free because they wanted to show me that they did very good job with tile and carpet. They came over on 5/1/17 and the job was great. After they left I noticed that my grass and drive had some type of fluid on them that killed the grass and stained the driveway. They came over and took pictures and tried to scrub the driveway but could remove the stain and took samples of the oily grass. I talked to Stanley Steemer staff on the phone and wanted to know about my refund they promise and also about my grass and drive. The gentleman said he would have to talk to the person that told me about my refund and nothing about the driveway and dead grass I told him I could do both myself but it was cost $200.00. He said he would get back with me but I haven't heard a word since 5/1/17.I sent one of two pictures because it was not capable of the picture of dead grass.

Stanley Steemer International

  • Updated by Mark Bobrow · May 04, 2017

    You can see part of the dead grass in photo sent.

May 04, 2017

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