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Sst Card Services / SST with predatory practices

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I to am one of the Providian customers that was converted over. My account was not switched until March of this year. I received a new card without any additional information. I had my providian setup with online payments and when I went to check the providian account told me to go to this, so I went there followed directions and got lost. I made a payment on this new site and low and behold the next day when I checked and called the company it was not there. The guys walked me through it and I made my payment. The next month I see a late payment fee, (the payment was made the next day) when I called them I got the same we will investigate thing. So I went on May, June, July WHAM!!! I see my interest rate went up to 32%, so I called and they told me that was because of the late payment in March and my account went over limit in July (once they applied this horrendous rate and that I can kiss my... because they are not going to do anything. Also when it showed that I went over limit 2 days later I made a payment that was 2 times the amount of the minimum due, not to mention I do this twice a month so I am paying 4 times the amount. so Blah blah blah it was in your disclosure statement that we sent out to you, when I told them I never got anything other than the card Shiloh (manager by the way) said she would gladly send me out the disclosure statement. But would not update my account. If anyone wishes to pursue this in a class action suit COUNT ME IN!!!

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      4th of Jan, 2008
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    My interest rate increased without notice, the account was set-up on auto pay from my bank to this account. Not knowing the interest rate had been increased I did not increase the monthly payment which caused my payment to be short and was charged late fees for three months and then the over limit fees started to pile up. This was a Providian account initially without notice until they rejected my auto payment because it was sent to my Providian account number and not theirs.

    Count me in.

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      6th of Aug, 2016
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    This post is exactly correct. I have had this SST/Deeto card for years. They are out of Columbus, GA, and you cannot find a number online to call. I have had this card set up thru my online checking account. They claim they are not direct deposited as most other financial institutions, and that their funds are sent thru the mail. So, thru the years at least 2x per year, they will call and say they didn't get the payment. Without looking at my account I authorize another payment on the account. Today, I get a call, and instead of authorizing an additional payment, I looked at my checking account to review the payments. Because I sent a payment out on the 1st of the month and they did not receive it by the 6th in a previous month, I was charged $35 late fee. So, I backed the payment date up to be sent out on the 30th of the month. Guess what they did with that, the applied it to my BALANCE because they received it before the due date, before the billing cycle was finished. THIS IS A SCAM!!! Why in the world would anyone continually send $50 more than the min. payment due, $98. 1 time every month and not intend it to be posted as a PAYMENT. I asked to talk to a supervisor, a man named "Shawn Mintz" came on the line with an attitude, the first thing he did was sigh at each letter as he spelled his last name, as if it was hurting him to speak. I asked for all my late payments to be removed because this is a SCAM, he was so rude, it was ridiculous. He raised his voice, and kept repeating himself, "that's just how it is, if we receive the payment early we put it toward the principal", and added, "that's just how it is, why don't you understand"... I asked to talk to his supervisor, he said her name was Mandy and she was not available until the end of next week. So, I asked for her supervisor; he said there is no way I could have her supervisor, nor for Mandy to call me when she returns, I would just have to deal with it. Knowing how hard it is to find a contact number for this company, which I'd tried online many times thru the years, he knew I had no where to go. They called from 800 388 1806.

    August 6, 2016 We should all report them:
    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau @ and the FTC @ and the Better Business Bureau in their supposed home state of Georgia

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