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So I am a small business owner in New York City. I have a very busy small business dealing in Thrift, Antiques, Vintage Items, modern furniture, Vinatge jewlery, and any odd item you can think of. I have been a loyal Paypal user my entire life and I should have stuck with Paypal after this encounter.

I am out one morning and see an advertisement in a postal store for payments. The actual card reader was hanging on the wall and read "Square Card Reader Accept Payments Everywhere". I purchase the item soley for the benifits listed on the back "plug and go", "Get your money Fast (the next day)", and "Just 2.75% per swipe". All those what turned out to be false promises and advertisements pursuaded me into purchasing the swip reader for $10.00.

I start using iphone application almost instantly on my iphone. The first couple of swipes for some Antique purchases in my shop go into the account and than into my bank account the very next business day.

A few days later I sell three orders in my shop and I am happy to offer credit card option in my shop to all my loyal customers who come and visit us here on a daily basis. The three swipes go into and the customers recieve there antique items & (1) flat screen Sony Television. The very next business day there is no money in the bank account, I shrug it off and say hey I'll give it another day. After several days there is still no funding in the bank account so I grow nervous and suspicous and contact (which is not customer service friendly).
Once finally on the phone with a and I quote "representative" they inform me that "I have to become verified and the issue with not recieving the fund with be resolved and I will have my funds in 1 to 2 business days". So I abide by there wishes even tho it goes against there well advertised "Get Your Money Fast" & "Plug in and Go" slogans.

I get to this form that asks about myself and my business records. I provide them with everything they ask for including Personal security information, Business License, Federal EIN number, NYS Tax I.D. #, and My business (3) most recent bank statements. After I fullfill the request of I sit and wait a couple of days and receive not one call or email. I than track down the hard to find phone number and call in again myself. At that time I am informed by a and I quote "representative" that they have all my information everything looks good the funds will be available in one to two business days. No sooner as hanging up the phone an email pops up into my inbox stating that I have been found fraudulent/ highrisk & cannot access my funds for 180 days.

At this point I am steaming and slowly losing my passive composure. So I grab the phone that I hung up two minutes ago and call back! Once on the line with the "representative" (Who is the same person on the phone for two weeks and probably is there only representative which is an obvious RED FLAG now) I am informed that I cannot recieve the funds for the Antique sales I had just made & delievered. Mind you that we are talking several thousands dollars here but even if it was a few hundred I would still be steamed because this is some severely unprofessional group they call a company!

So now I am furious and I ask well how do I get paid for the items I have sold in my shop? I am informed to "refund the customers there money & use another application for credit card payment". Are you serious is what I replied! These items are long gone out of my shop & delievered!!! "Yes Sir there is nothing we can do to assist you at this time". So I ask what is your mailing address I am having my attorney contact you! He replies "please have your attorney call in to the legal department we do not provide addresses to customers". That sums it up I have had enough!

Thank Goodness that I have a family oriented store and customers & clients who have become like family to us in our shop! They where all willing to come back into the shop and swipe there cards in PayPal. So I do not lose the sales or the items! Anyone in my shoes with a small business knows that several thousand dollars is not easy to wait for! Especially SIX MONTHS.

Beware of this company ( I am convinced they are not even a company). This report that I have written thoroughly for my fellow Americans & friends over seas should raise all the red flags that you need to know about before you even think of using this company. Stick with PayPal at least they are established & very fair when it comes to disputes!

Apr 16, 2013
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  • So
      29th of Nov, 2013
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    I have learned the hard way that squareup is a scam they have not and will not pay you when you swap a big sale I quess its there way of teaching you how big business does I say since the guy that started tweeter owns this company square up screw you I say everyone stop using tweeter and for gods sake don't use square up.

  • De
      20th of Jun, 2014
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    Squareup .com keeps sending me all these receipts that say I have just paid all different merchants, different amounts and see full receipts??? I have not done business with any of these and am sitting at my desk at work so I know I am not out purchasing anything!! How can I stop this?? What is going on??

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